The fine details of a kitchen design

I’ve recently gone over the last step with my clients for their kitchen. We have just gone through the fine details of their kitchen design. What exactly does that mean? Fine Details of a kitchen design When I work with clients to design their kitchen, we discuss numerous questions. The entire focus of a new

Smart Home Appliances: They’re not only smart but sexy too!

I first started to write about smart homes after attending KBIS 2019 in February At that time, I had no idea that I would write about smart homes three more times! I’ve written about good, better, and best options for a smart home as well as smart home switches.  This week, I thought I would round out

Kitchen Backsplash Choices: What I went with and WHY

As you all know, we have a little project on the go that I’ve called, “Love At First Sight”. You can read about this project here, and here. I have had a clear design vision for this home right from the start. There has only been one area that has caused me some sleepless nights:

Kitchen Cabinets: The difference between custom vs IKEA cabinets

Since January, I have started to work on 6 new kitchen designs. In my past kitchen design work, I have worked with both my custom cabinet company as well as with IKEA. When it comes to looking at kitchen cabinets, what is the difference between custom cabinets vs IKEA cabinets? DESIGN When working on a

Removing a load bearing wall: What our choices were

In a current project, I had some options to remove a load bearing wall. What were my choices and what did I end up doing? My Love At First Sight project has been rolling right along. For this project, I had planned to take out two walls on the main floor to open up the

Creating a Smart Home: Simple home automation solutions

I’ve been home from KBIS 2019 for two days now and scouring through all of my pictures to decide what to report back.  As I looked at all of my pictures, there were some consistent themes I saw. One of the most interesting, and a bit scary for this old chick, is home automation.  While

What are cabinet options when updating a kitchen?

This past week we started an entire home project that consists of a number of areas that we will be addressing in the home. One of the areas that we will address is the kitchen. So what are the options when you are updating a kitchen? Updating a kitchen Replace the cabinets When it comes

A Bakers Dream

My clients recently purchased a home and were wanting to make some spaces more efficient and user-friendly.  On my list was to create a butlers pantry and a closet-makeover.  While they were two totally separate spaces,  we addressed both areas at the same time.  This is Part 1 of a two-part series for this home.