Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

I’m starting to work with new clients who will be undergoing a massive main floor and basement renovation.  We’re starting to work on planning the main floor first as the basement is undeveloped and we will need to move some plumbing for the new kitchen.  Having an unfinished basement will make that task easier.

Right now, we are in the discovery phase of me getting a feel of what my clients are drawn to and coming up with an initial kitchen plan to get the ball rolling.  We’ve had a chance to go over the initial plan and now it’s decision time for a couple of things.  When planning any kitchen, there are kitchen measurement must haves to move a kitchen design plan forward.

Kitchen Measurement Must Have #1


If you have not shopped for appliances recently, then you may be surprised to know how many options are out there:

  • Top-Freezer
  • Bottom-Freezer
  • Side-by-Side
  • French Door and
  • Counter Depth

Many decisions are made based on how the fridge is going to be used (the function) and where you would like it to go.

Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

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Kitchen Measurement Must Have #2


This is most likely the hardest decision that people have to make as there are multiple options.  You have the wall oven and microwave combination, a double wall oven combination with a cooktop option, and then you have the electric, gas or induction stove/oven combination.  When looking for a stove/oven/cooktop, it is important to know what you would like to go with.  Planning a kitchen with a wall oven and microwave is very different than planning a kitchen with a slide in stove/oven combination.

Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

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Kitchen Measurement Must Have #3


This is another item that clients often struggle with making a decision on.  Why?  Well, you can have a built in microwave, a stand alone, or an Over The Range (OTR) microwave.  For built in microwaves, typically they kitchens are designed to have the wall oven close together like this:

Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

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I am also seeing a lot of microwaves that are built into the island.  I have to say I’m personally not a huge fan of this option but again, that is a personal preference.

Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

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Kitchen Measurement Must Have #4


I say I couldn’t live without my dishwasher but seriously, that would just be silly. Could I live without it?  Yes, of course I could.  Would I want to?  Um….not on your life!  Most dishwashers are pretty standard with their measurements however the ‘bells and whistles’ are endless.  When choosing a dishwasher, it really comes down to personal preference and the bells and whistle you ‘must have’.

In a condo we rented in Hawaii, the unit had a double drawer dishwasher.  I loved that dishwasher as it gave us the flexibility to only wash one drawer at a time.  Why waste an entire wash cycle on a half-full dishwasher.  It came in very handy to get our ‘Happy Hour’ glasses washed and ready for the next day!

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 Moving Forward

When I work with Casa Flores Custom Cabinetry (my kitchen cabinet company) we work together to create a dream kitchen for my clients.  They come to the project site to take measurements (before demolition is started).  We talk about what my vision is for the space, I get their opinion on a couple of my ideas, and then an initial plan is drawn up.  It is that plan that I use when I see my clients next.  We go over the initial drawings, talk about what they like and what they would like changed.  We also talk about appliances and options.  Many times, it does come down to budget.  Wall ovens and cooktop options tend to be a bit more expensive than a standard stove/oven.  Obviously, the more bells and whistles you want usually means the price reflects those options.

In the end, whatever appliances are chosen, my clients are going to end up with a beautifully designed new kitchen that is functional and gorgeous!

Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

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