Kitchen Renovation Plans: A sneak peek into this project

kitchen renovation plans

Kitchen Renovation Plans: A sneak peek into this project

When it comes to creating kitchen renovation plans, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made.

We are about to embark on a new kitchen renovation and have been working with our clients since the end of May to get everything prepared.

Kitchen Renovation Plans

I am such a firm believer in having a well, laid out plan prior to a hammer ever being swung. By fully planning out a project, we are ensuring there will little to no changes during construction. I mean, the whole idea is to have a seamless construction period so that we can get our clients back into their home and enjoy their renovation.

As Is

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that we always start with the ‘As Is’. When we work with our clients, we discuss what they currently like in their existing space and what they would love to see in their new space.

Here is what the kitchen currently looks like:

Kitchen Renovation Plan: As Is

A view from the nook area.

The view from the back door by the nook.

The Wants and Wishes

As with any kitchen renovation plans, we go over the wants and wishes that clients want for their new space. The majority priority for this kitchen was:

  • more useable counter space,
  • more cabinets and storage,
  • pull out drawers where possible,
  • remove the sunshine ceiling,
  • create a more functional space.

While there were three items on the wish list that were considered a must, another wish was to hopefully work around the existing hardwood floor.

I believe my job as a design professional is to provide my clients options. When I created the kitchen options, we looked at keeping the existing walls (basically out with the old and in with the new), and another option of straightening out the walls to open up this space.

Kitchen Options

As the hardwood floor runs throughout the majority of the main floor, we looked at this option to keep the hardwood floors in tact. Here are a couple of options we presented.

Kitchen Renovation Plans
Option 1 Conceptual Rendering | Kitchen Renovation Plans |Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Kitchen Renovation Plans
Conceptual Rendering Option 2 | Kitchen Renovation Plans |Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Kitchen Renovation Plans
Kitchen Renovation Plans | Option 3 Conceptual Rendering |Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Kitchen Renovation Plans
Option 4 Conceptual Rendering | Kitchen Renovation Plans |Sheri Bruneau, Designer

The Final Kitchen Renovation Plan

While we worked through all of the options and choices, we narrowed down the concepts and worked our way through each wall, each cabinet, and each configuration of each cabinet to come up with the final plan.

Kitchen Renovation Plans
Final Conceptual Rendering | Kitchen Renovation Plans | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Planning Ahead

I’ve always been a believer of planning ahead. When the appliances and kitchen design was solidified, we focused on the pretty. Selecting the style of cabinets, custom colour, the counters, backsplash tile, and hardware for this kitchen was fun!

If you wish to follow along with this project, I’ll be posting this in my stories on Instagram as well as using our business Facebook page to document this project. This one starts on Monday! I hope you’ll join me in watching this transformation unfold as we have eight weeks to turn this kitchen into a dream!

Kitchen Must Haves

Whether you have a new kitchen or an old kitchen, I have a few ‘must haves’ on my list. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite kitchen accessories/decor items for you. I hope you enjoy them!

The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.


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