Kitchen Reveal: We amped up this kitchen and gave it a facelift

kitchen reveal

Kitchen Reveal: We amped up this kitchen and gave it a facelift

I can not believe I can finally share this kitchen reveal with you all. We finished this project at the end of October, 2020 and due to you-know-what, we had to wait to get in to take final photos.

The Plan

As Is

As with any kitchen renovation, prior to us getting to the kitchen reveal, there are at least one thousand steps to get us there! There is also the ‘As Is’ and what we are dealing with.

This will give you an overview of the kitchen space and how it relates to parts of the main floor.

The Plan

While I won’t get into the design options that we looked at for this project, we knew that we wanted to maximize the space for storage and make it a very functional kitchen. We did look at opening up a wall, but in the end, we landed on this proposed plan.

Our final design plan for this kitchen | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Facing A Curveball

In September of 2020, I wrote about a curveball we faced in this particular project. With the original sunshine ceiling coming down, we thought there may be a beam at the front of the kitchen (as you enter from the front of the home). Instead, we were surprised by a beam near the back of the home right at the end of the sunshine ceiling.

Do you see where I have marked it with red marker? This is where we thought the beam would be, if there was going to be one. Do you happen to see the beam at the front of the picture? Yes – that was the surprise!

Kitchen Reveal

There were many decisions to be made and I’m sure you’re ready to see some before and after photos. So, without further adieu, here is the kitchen reveal for this project. Hover on each image to read the description and click on the image to see a larger version.

The Before

The After

I am so excited to share this kitchen reveal with you. We were able to accomplish the following:

  • Update the kitchen.
  • Keep the existing hardwood floor that is throughout the home.
  • Increase the storage of this kitchen.
  • Increase the counter space.
  • Make this kitchen a more productive area.
  • Increase lighting.

kitchen reveal
The entrance to the kitchen where the wall oven used to be. | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

kitchen reveal
We decided to keep the ledge by the kitchen sink but we most certainly removed the space for plants. | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

kitchen reveal
Due to the unexpected beam, we created some wonderful wine storage for our clients. | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

kitchen reveal
Peek-a-boo, I see you! This little appliance garage is the perfect coffee station for my clients. | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

kitchen reveal
For these avid chefs, we added in pull out spice organizers on either side of this gorgeous Miele Steam Range. | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

kitchen reveal
We added glass cabinets on each end. This allowed for room for some pretty items to be displayed as well as adding in some pretty. | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

The End Result

While it took some time for us to get back to get some final images of this space, it was so great to see my clients again after a long winter.

Just so you have an idea of the timeline we used for this project, here is how this project turned out. We started in May of 2020. We started construction at the end of August and we completed the project in October of 2020. In that entire timeframe, we carried out the following :

  • Initial meetings
  • Design concepts
  • Finalizing the design concepts
  • Specifying the ‘pretty’
  • Last chance changes to design plan
  • Construction

That is a grand total of 6 months from the initial time we started working together. While some may think that is a really long time for a kitchen renovation, I’m here to tell you that the majority of the hard work is in the planning and sourcing. Yes, construction is hard, but all decisions (all the mental hard work) takes time. When you are investing in your home like my clients did, you do not want to rush and make decisions because you have to. My advice for anyone looking to embark on a kitchen renovation is to take you time in the planning stages.

As for our clients, they are still loving their new space – which of course make me smile!

Sheri Bruneau


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