Kitchens and Baths: Sharing my KBIS 2020 experience with you.

kitchens and baths

Kitchens and Baths: Sharing my KBIS 2020 experience with you.

If you ever want to see the latest and greatest for kitchens and baths, attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is THE place to be. I am very fortunate to be attending the show next week in Las Vegas.

Now, before you all go, “Ohhhh…Las Vegas….”, you need to realize one thing. If you don’t know me and my personality, you most likely won’t know that I attend shows with laser focus. Just like I have attended in past years, I take a lot of time to prepare before I even land in Las Vegas. I mean, yes, it’s Vegas – but I’m also on a mission when I’m there. So what does that look like for me?

Kitchens and Baths

While I’m not a fan of hopping on the ‘trend bandwagon’, I am all for new innovations and products (and ones that I can easily obtain in Canada).

Smart Homes

The little techie-geek in me is excited to be seeing all of the new innovations for the home. Part of this experience is going to see The New American Home & The New American Remodel.

I can’t wait to see this in person! You would never know it, but the home was originally a single-story, three-bed, two-bath home. We will get to see it transformed to a stunning four-bed, five-bath residence decked out with the latest and greatest. I can’t wait to share my experience of seeing this!

Smart Technology for Kitchens and Baths

In kitchens and baths, I know there is going to be an abundant number of items that will fall under the ‘smart’ category. If my inbox is any indication, there is going to be plenty to see!


kitchens and baths
Signature Kitchen Suites

I have had the pleasure of spending some time at the past KBIS shows with Signature Kitchen Suites, and I fully plan on stopping by this year. Signature Kitchen Suites is part of the LG brand.

My friend, Laura Muller, will be designing Monogram’s brand new showroom display at the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery in Pasadena, CA. What a wonderful opportunity for her! I can’t wait to see what Monogram has for kitchens!


The big brand names will be out in full force and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got!

Kohler typically has one of the largest booths at KBIS. I think their motto is go big or go home. Last year they celebrated Innovation and Customization and boy – did they ever! I look forward to seeing what they have to offer this year.

At KBIS 2019, Delta featured many new lines including this one called Dorval. My plumbers love using Delta products so I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for this year.

Life Long Learner

There are so many learning opportunities throughout the entire week of KBIS, it’s hard to pick which ones to attend. A couple I have already booked are:

  • The State of the Smart Home
  • The Chief Architect Breakfast and learning session.
  • Design Wealth where my good friends Leslie Carothers and Carla Aston will be presenting.
  • I will be moderating the session titled, Fine Print. I am really looking forward to leading this session with the following designers, Corey Klassen and Alena Capra. In addition, two lawyers will be joining the panel, Shawn Kolitch, Ph.D., Intellectual Property Attorney, and TJ Romano, Intellectual Property Attorney. Both gentleman are with Kolitch Romano. This will take place on Thursday, Jan. 23, from 10:30 – 11:30 at the NeXT Stage.

A Little Bit of Fun

As my days will be jam packed seeing various vendors, visiting The New American Home and The New American Remodel, the evenings are typically filled with fun events. From the KBIS Kick Off party on Monday night, the Signature Suites Uncorked Event the following night, to a group meet up with the fabulous Modenus group, I won’t have any time to throw in some money into a slot machine (or will I)?

I look forward to reporting back with all of my findings. I will also be using my Facebook and Intsagram accounts to showcase some of the beauties as well. If you want to follow along there, you’ll be sure to see most of what I see.

My Travel Must Haves

My family typically laughs at me as I like to get prepared for a trip many days in advance. There is NO last minute packing for me! I’ve put together a few of my ‘must haves’ that I use all of the time when I travel.

The items below may contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.

Packing Cubes

I absolutely LOVE using these cubes in my suite case. First of all, it makes unpacking at your destination so easy. Secondly, I do like to place my clothes in a drawer in a hotel or condo so these cubes offer that little bit of protection from the drawers.

Plane Pants

It’s really not the technical term for it, but I do have a pair of plane pants. It’s not that I only wear them on the plane, but I do wear them all.the.time. on a plane.


Do people bug you? Oh my gosh, the loud eaters, loud talkers, etc. can drive me up the wall. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like people, but on an airplane where there is limited space, my headphones are golden! I have these exact ones and the sound is absolutely amazing!

The Best Cover Up

I don’t leave home with my cover up. While it can act like a jacket, it is also like a blanket! While mine is black and white (I’ve had mine for quite some time), it is the best versatile cover up (especially for travel)!

Thank You

I also wanted to quickly give a great big

to all of you who voted for me during the two week voting period. I really struggle asking for votes (it’s not in my wheel-house) so I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Winners are going to be announced at KBIS.

Sheri Bruneau


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