How Much Do You Know about Laminate? You may be surprised at what is available!

How Much Do You Know about Laminate? You may be surprised at what is available!

When I attended KBIS 2018 with Modenus on their blog tour being a Design Hound, I specifically had my current clients and future clients in mind.  Every time we had a tour at one of our sponsor booths, I was thinking,

Would this be a good product for their renovation?

Could I see this being used in a future renovation?

When we had the opportunity to visit Wilsonart, I was excited to see their new and innovative laminate products.  Not sure what is all new and happening with laminate?  I encourage you to read on!

Please note: according to FTC rules, I need to disclose that my trip to KBIS was a free trip.  While I did not get paid for my time at KBIS, my hotel, airfare and some meals were covered.  As I write about our sponsors  I wish for you to know that I do not receive any additional monetary compensation for doing so.  And please note, the views expressed in this blog are totally mine! 

Laminate Love

Laminate Counters, shelves and walls

When we arrived at the Wilsonart booth, we were treated to our talk by Danny Seo, Wilsonart’s spokesperson and host of NBC’s Naturally Danny, to showcase Wilsonart’s latest innovations support sustainable living.


Our first vignette that saw was Wilsonart® Laminate and Wilsonart® Soft Silk Laminate Finish.  Here are 3 things that impressed me about this laminate:

  1.  Do you see this waterfall edge?  This is a laminate counter. Having the ability to create a laminate counter with a waterfall edge is pretty spectacular as from a distance, you would think this was a stone counter.laminate
  2. For most laminate counters I have never seen an under mount sink – until this one!  laminate
  3. Laminate is not just for counters either.  These gorgeous floating shelves are made out of laminate as well as the wall!  Material Mixology give designers a great  way to mix and match material in a space. laminate

Image credit:  One of my KBIS and design besties  Jana Donohoe with Jana Donohoe Designs took this amazing photo of the entire space featuring the laminate counters, floating shelves and wall.  jana

As Wilsonart states on their website:

This collection features a sensational array of styles and themes capable of stealing the show solo or when combined with the right complements can create a dynamic design.

I thought the vignette at the Wilsonart booth was a fabulous showcase of the use of laminate!


Wilsonart Performance Plus showcased a really great product – especially if you love black.  laminate

 Image Credit: My lovely friend and fellow designer Erica Islas with EMI Interior Design took this great photo.

Their new fingerprint resistant technology is called Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate .   Available in 5 colours (including black), now you can have smears, smudges and streaks be a thing of the past!  With black being such a trend right now, this may be an option for you if you’re looking for black cabinets but have been hesitant about keeping them looking sharp!

Shower Walls

When I saw this vignette, I had to go back for a second time.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Wilsonart’s Wet Wall.


Image credit: This photo, taken by my new friend, UK Designer Heather Jenkinson !

There are 2 reasons why I was so drawn to this shower application:

  1. More and more clients are gun-shy about having grout in the shower.  They know that a tile shower looks lovely but are weary of the maintenance down the road with the grout.  I wrote a blog recently about shower floor options and since that blog, I’ve specified 4 showers (the same one I am putting in our basement development).  Why?  In all instances, I was told how drawn my clients are to knowing they can get the look of tile without the grout!
  2. The installation really caught my eye.  laminate

Did you read the above????  This could be installed right over existing tile!  I immediately thought of my property investors and how this could save a ton of money in demo!

Did you know how the world of laminate has changed?  I would love to hear what are your thoughts on laminate!

Thinking of an upcoming renovation?



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