Large Format Tile: Is it true, bigger is really better?

large format tile

Large Format Tile: Is it true, bigger is really better?

Large format tile has been around for a number of years however, it is becoming more and more popular.

There’s Big Tile

I personally consider an 18″ X 36″ tile part of the ‘large format tile’ family. I specified a beautiful tile for a main bathroom for a lovely client of mine. In her main, and only bathroom, we wished to create a cohesive space so we used the tile on the floor as well as for the bath/shower surround.

This 18″ X 36″ tile was a BEAST to carry up three flights of stairs! Let me say that the day that we lugged the tile up the three flights of stairs, I did NOT go to the gym!

large format tile
Large format tile | Designer: Sheri Bruneau | Main bathroom
This main bathroom was not large so this was the best picture I could get with my iPhone.

The large format tile pros

I believe large format tile works great in a bathroom. As you may be able to see, using this large tile allows for minimal grout lines (hello – can you say less grout to clean)? Here’s a little video I did in 2018 when we were getting ready for final photos

Large format tile | Designer: Sheri Bruneau | Space: main bathroom

The large format tile cons

I can only think of one: they are damn heavy! With curb side delivery, you really need to make sure you have some strong bodies to help you move the tile to where you need it!

Then there’s BIG tile

You thought 18″ X 36″ was big? What about large format tiles, known as panels? These panels can range in size but are typically 4′ X 8′ or 5′ X 8′. Yes – you read that correctly – FEET!

I am using a 5′ X 8′ large format tile panel in a basement development for the fireplace. It is heavenly!

This is the stone we have used.

The large format tile panel pros

I have my top list pros for using this kind of large format tile.

  1. Can you say grout lines – and where are they? Depending on the size of your project, you may get away with no grout lines at all!
  2. This type of tile is super thin. This is a huge bonus as you can have this installed anywhere in your home without extra support or re-engineering of the structure. How great is that?
  3. Due to the way this stone is manufactured, there really isn’t a lot of stone (remember it’s super thin). As a result, the cost of material is reduced and is very affordable.
  4. Installation is very quick. Our fireplace installation was less than one day!

The large format tile panel cons

As these large format panels are either 4′ or 5′ wide and 8′ long, you need space! When I called my tile setter to get him to come and quote, the first question he asked me was,

Will it fit down the stairs?

Silly you, of course I had checked that ahead of time, but many people don’t. I would strongly suggest you get a certified installer to come to your home or location FIRST prior to you committing to purchasing a slab. Ensure that it can fit in your home!

Here’s a little video of the fireplace in our basement development project (plus a peek at how the whole basement is coming together).

Our Small and Mighty project is winding down. #interiorsesign #renovations

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Large format tile | Designer: Sheri Bruneau | GITYYC Facebook

Large Format Tile

I absolutley love the large format tile panel that we chose for our Small and Might basement development. It’s such a cosy and warm stone and really adds to the space!

Speaking of cosy and warm, I’m thinking of items that would make a space warm and cosy. We have had really cold weather this week so I thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favourites for you!

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