Large Format Tile: You’re going to see why it’s so hot!

Large Format Tile: You’re going to see why it’s so hot!

This past week, I attended a lunch and learn hosted by Julian Tile. Have I ever said how I love learning opportunities like this? For this event, we were educated on paint pigments (that will be next week’s blog) from Benjamin Moore, as well as the large format tile by Julian Tile. Oh….how I know you’re going to LOVE this product!

Large Format Tile


When it comes to large tile, we really do need to look at the specs first. Knowing the sizing is super important as you need to know if your space can even use a large format tile! We also need to know where this type of tile could be used. We’ll discuss some of the install things you should be considering below.

Julian Tile has 5 different lines of large format tile. Here is the breakdown:

Size Matters


  • The Jewel line offers the large format tile measuring 47.25″ X 94.5″ with a thickness of 9mm.
  • This large format tile is great for floors, walls, and countertops. YES – countertops!
  • There are also coordinating sizes available.
  • Not only is it frost rated (hello – can you say use of it outdoors), it also has water absorption of 0.04%.

The fine details of what this tile offers.

large format tile
All photos for each tile line are from Julian Tile

Marvel XL

  • Marvel XL also comes in 47.25″ X 94.5″ with a 9mm thickness.
  • Perfect for floors, walls, and countertops.
  • This line also offers coordinating floor and wall tile.

large format tile
Marvel XL


  • The magnUm line offers two different sizing
    • 63″ X 126″ and 47.25″ X 94.5″ with a thickness of 6mm
    • Once again, this is perfect for floors, walls, and countertops.
    • There is some coordinating floor tile for this line.
    • This line offers bookmatch or random large format tile measuring 63″ X 126″ with a thickness of 6mm.

large format tile

You may notice that there is no water absorption for this large format tile line.

magnUm Prexious

  • magnUm Prexious offers the size of 63″ X 126″ with a thickness of 6mm.
  • Once again, perfect for floors, walls, and countertops.
  • This tile does not have a water absorption rating.

large format tile
magnUm Prexious


  • I am saving Vetrite, the best for last (in my opinion).
  • While this tile can only be used for walls, the sky is the limit with this large format tile!
  • This tile is truly customizable
  • This is a glass tile that can have fabric, company logos, etc. placed between the glass. While there are ‘in stock’ choices, can you image being able to place a fabric, an image, etc. to customize your space?!

large format tile
This is glass tile – Vetrite

large format tile
Vetrite Numisma Bronze – so sexy!

Installation Considerations

So you found a large format tile for your bathroom, kitchen, lobby, office area, and you’re excited to get going on your project. While I wish everyone could use a large format tile, there are some considerations you need to know prior to getting your hopes up! Mark with M2Tile Ltd. educated us on some things we need to consider:

  • You have to have straight walls. Period.
  • You have to have good access for the large format tile to be installed and/or fabricated on site. If you have a tight staircase, this may not be an option for you.

Other Considerations

  • When looking at large format tile slabs, you are unable to purchase half a slab. You need to purchase the entire slab.
  • The more of a ‘custom’ look (mitred corners) the more costly the install will be.

Large Format Tile Bonuses

  • Ahhh…the dreaded grout lines and dealing with grout! These large tiles can have a minimum of 1/16″ grout line. Most residential showers do not even need to have a grout line as one large tile will do one wall.
  • The installation goes fairly quick (if there is not a lot of custom work being done).
  • Your space will look so much more spacious! I think the images above really show you!

large format tile
How sexy is this floor?

Large Format Tile

When I attended KBIS in February of this year, this tile was certainly present! It is certainly making its way into the design world here in Calgary. Although I have not used it yet for a project, I have my sites on a few bathrooms, as well as a potential fireplace re-fresh coming up where this may be an option!

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