Legal Basement Suite: Home Sweet Home

Legal Basement Suite: Home Sweet Home

As many of you know, I really like to give my projects some kind of name.  For this project I called it ‘Home Suite Home’ as a legal basement suite was developed.  This particular legal basement suite was so fun to work on with the property investors – who also happen to be very good friends of mine.  Here’s a look at how things worked out!

Legal Basement Suite: Before

When my good friends asked me if I could help them out with their new investment property, I was happy to jump at the opportunity!  The home they purchased was extremely well cared for and it was obvious the pride of ownership that the original owner had for the home.  The upstairs was recently renovated and there was not a lot to do up on the main floor.  The basement, that was another matter.  My friends purchased the home with the full intention of developing the basement into a legal suite.  Here are a few images of what the basement looked like:

Hey – who knew those curtains would be Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018???

Any guesses as to what was going to happen with the wood panelling? 

legal basement suite

This was the view when you came down the stairs. 

Legal Basement Suite: The Planning

My friends enlisted the help of an architectural technologist to develop the plan for the basement.  They were able to take this plan to the City of Calgary to obtain the permit that was needed to start this project.

When I received the plan, I was able to plan out the kitchen area and start making smart selections that I knew would not break the bank yet be very durable for this rental property.  Here is the plan that was created for this basement suite.

legal basement suite

Smart choices: Legal Basement Suite

My clients made many smart choices with this legal basement suite.  I believe the BEST choice they made was in their window selections.  They took what was once a very dark basement to a very bright space. One window was added to the kitchen area and the existing window was enlarged.  In the bedrooms there are two windows which make it feel so bright and spacious.  I’ve always said, and I am a firm believer that nothing can compare to natural light!

Kitchen Design

Once I knew the dimensions and what I was working with, I was able to design the kitchen.  I also knew that I would be working around one post that needed to be incorporated into the design.

legal basement suite
legal basement suite

Legal Suite: Selections

If you read my blog or know me, you know how much I love a white kitchen!  For this basement, I chose white cabinets for a couple of reasons.  The first one is that white cabinets just scream the word ‘Fresh’!  White cabinets for a basement also allow the space to feel spacious, light and airy.  We also chose a laminate counter top.  One thing I am a firm believer in is not over-renovating for the area.  The area this home is in does not dictate granite or quartz.  And I have to say, the laminate counter turned out amazing.  There are so many great laminate choices these days, it was easy to find one that would work perfectly for this home.

For the floor, I selected a Luxury Vinyl Plank.  I chose this floor for a variety of reasons:

  1. The durability of this floor is awesome!  The perfect floor if you want that hardwood look without having to worry about easy damage (ie: dropping a fork and making a mark on the floor).
  2. The price point is so great!  Since my clients are super handy and did a lot of the work themselves, this is a great product to install on your own.
  3. The colours and styles that are available are right on trend.  And yes, this matters with trying to find a potential tenant.

For the interior wall colour, I chose a warm green-grey undertone paint colour that is grey, but a warm grey.  All of the fixtures (cabinet hardware and lighting) were a brushed nickel as this finish is a bit warmer feel than something like chrome.

Legal Basement Suite: Home Suite Home

My friends posted the ad for their legal basement suite and posted the conceptual design image (as the suite was still being worked on).  I was extremely happy when I heard that my friends secured a tenant (a wonderful young couple) based off their ad and the conceptual design image before the basement suite was even finished!

One thing I have always believed in is pride of ownership.  Even though my friends will never sleep in their rental property, the pride of ownership shines through.  They care about their property just as if they were living in it.  What that means in the long run is that they will attract great tenants.  It’s that add-old saying,

You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

You have a nice property to rent out, you will attract great tenants.  You have a property with old, shitty carpet, stained walls, etc. (and yes – I’ve seen these kinds of properties with my own eyes), you will attract tenants that don’t give a shit.  Period.

Legal Basement Suite: The Reveal

Since the legal basement suite was rented out so quickly, I wasn’t able to get professional photos taken.  My clients were kind enough to send me some of their photos.  Here is Home Suite Home!

legal basement suite

legal basement suite

legal basement suite

My clients sent me a testimonial that I would love to share with you:

legal basement suite

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