The Ultimate Lighting Guide for a kitchen: 3 areas to consider

The Ultimate Lighting Guide for a kitchen: 3 areas to consider

I am working on so many kitchen designs, I’ve got my head-space all around kitchens! When it comes to designing a kitchen, I also plan out lighting. Since I design many kitchens, I thought this would be a good topic to cover.

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lighting for a kitchen

Lighting Guide for a Kitchen

Once the functional design is complete, I then turn my attention to the lighting. There are 3 types of lighting I focus on.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is what we consider the ‘general lighting’. When you step into a kitchen and turn on a switch (or switches), ambient lighting allows the room to be lit up. Most often in the kitchens I design, we use recessed lighting.

lighting for a kitchen
Lighting for a kitchen | Design by Sheri Bruneau |
#lightingforakitchen #lightingguideforakitchen #kitchendesign

Task Lighting

The second layer is Task Lighting. Task lighting is needed to complete tasks – pure and simple.

Tasks such as:

  • organizing to cook/bake
  • food prep
  • eating

For inside and under cabinets, we typically use strip lighting, channel lighting, or puck lighting.

For eating areas, we often will install a beautiful light. This one, in particular, really caught my eye!

Lighting for a kitchen #dininglight #lightingforakitchen #lightingguideforakitchen #kitchendesign

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This is where real personality can come shining through. Accent lighting can be thought of as the jewellery of the space. The most common types of accent lighting are pendant lights (and in some instances, dining room lights can also be that fabulous jewellery as well).

I recently wrote a blog about pendant lighting with measurements and things to consider.

Here is one particular pendant that caught my eye! Can you say mixed-metal sexiness?

Lighting for a kitchen #pendantlighth #lightingforakitchen #lightingguideforakitchen #kitchendesign

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While planning this all out may seem tricky, when you have a guide to assist you, it’s as easy as following the steps to ensure nothing is missed .

I’ve created a mini e-book that goes into more depth than this blog.

lighting for a kitchen
Lighting for a kitchen #lightingforakitchen #lightingguideforakitchen #kitchendesign


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