Linear Fireplace Planning: From conceptual design to the real deal

linear fireplace planning

Linear Fireplace Planning: From conceptual design to the real deal

We are in the throws of linear fireplace planning for two spaces in one of our projects. Last February (2019), we also planned out a linear fireplace for another project we worked on.

For this project, we are going to be installing a zero clearance 60″ linear fireplace on the main floor and a zero clearance 72″ linear fireplace in the basement. For this blog, we’re going to be looking at our plans for the 60″ linear fireplace. We’ll take a peek at the 72″ fireplace next week.

Main Floor 60″ Linear Fireplace

You know I always like to show the ‘as is’ and what the current situation looks like. Here is what the fireplace on the main floor used to look like.

Planning a linear fireplace | As Is

This project is all part of a massive update to this home. I recently wrote about the plans we have for the dining room so you can get an idea of what we’ve got planned.

Conceptual Designs for 60″ Linear Fireplace

My clients have a very clear idea of what they would like to see. As such, I came up with a conceptual design plan to work around the windows.

Conceptual design for main floor 60″ linear fireplace | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

After designing a couple of options, we decided to go with open, floating shelves for this space.

Some of the pretty

The fireplace is going to be clad with a gorgeous stone on all three sides. We are going to use this stone for this space.

Large format glazed  porcelain slab we will use for this linear fireplace | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

The back wall, on each side, is going to have this gorgeous cork wallpaper installed.

Weathered Cork Wallpaper | York Wall Coverings

After Demo

While I had a conceptual design created, it is always important to go and re-check measurements and tweak the design (if necessary) once demo is done.

Main floor ‘as is’ fireplace demo progress with the old fireplace still in place.

Zero Clearance Linear Fireplace Specs

With my plan, we have taken into consideration the following pros of using a linear fireplace:

  • By going with this particular model, we are able to place the TV right above the fireplace. We don’t have to worry about any code measurements in terms of how high the TV has to be off of the gas fireplace.
  • While we chose a gorgeous large format stone, we could have used any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace. Due to how this gas fireplace is vented, we could use wallpaper, wood, tile, stone….the sky is the limit!
  • We will be venting this fireplace on both side walls so that it does not interrupt the large format stone on the front face.
  • We are able to install the TV at an optimal height.

There is one Con

You all know I like to share both sides of the story, so here is the con for this fireplace. The price tag. This fireplace comes in at a much higher price point, but it also comes with a lot of pros.

Here is what the conceptual plan looks like.

linear fireplace planning
3D Conceptual Rendering of the 60″ linear fireplace | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

I do wish to point out that the ‘conceptual rendering’ is only that – a concept. While the finished space will look similar, it will not be exact. For instance, in this rendering, it is showing pot lights in the floating bookshelves. We are going to be using strip lighting and the lighting will be ‘up-lighting’.

Math is Essential

I often giggle at myself because as a young student in jr. high and high school, I was a horrible math student. And now, my entire world revolves around it!

While the conceptual design is done and the demo is well under way, there is a LOT of work that still needs to be done. Elevation drawings, with measurements, are essential for the crew to install this fireplace just as we have planned.

linear fireplace planning
Elevation Drawings for a linear fireplace | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

I can not tell you enough times how essential this part is. If none of this is planned out, how will your fireplace installers know where to place things? How will the electricians know where to put the rough in electrical? How will your cabinet company know where to place floating shelves? Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

Next Steps

We have had our onsite meeting with our cabinet company to review the floating shelves for this floor (and review what we have planned for the basement 72″ linear fireplace). We are now waiting for shop drawings to confirm everything.

My friend and fellow blogger, Lisa Peck with LiLu Interiors, just wrote about how important it is during a project that you have project supervision during your construction. We will be doing just that when we get our shop drawings with our cabinet company, Casa Flores.

Stay tuned as next week, I’ll be showing you what we have planned for the 72″ linear fireplace and what we have in store for that space!

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