Love for Learning: KBIS 2018 Orlando

KBIS 2018

Love for Learning: KBIS 2018 Orlando

kbis As you all may know, I am heading to Orlando today for the KBIS 2018 (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show).  I am super excited as I get to be part of a 24 person team of influencers (other designers and professionals) to report on the latest and greatest at the show.  There are many things that excite me but one of them is getting to meet all of my ‘social media’ friends!  I belong to a number of Interior Designer groups throughout Social Media land and have created such wonderful friendships with these ladies and gentlemen.  I’m looking forward to actually meeting them in person!

I have a jam-packed schedule and I thought I would share with you quickly, what my week is going to look like.

Tuesday, January 9: KBIS 2018

KBIS 2018

We’re kicking off the morning with Champagne and Cupcakes!  Modenus, the KBIS team and all of my favourite social, digital and print media pals will be there kicking off the KBIS 2018 show with a glass of bubbly and some yummy treats!  If you know me and know what a lite-weight drinker I am, I won’t be having too much champagne (or my live Facebook videos may turn out to be extremely funny and/or embarrassing)!

Thermador and Wilsonart are two of the wonderful sponsors of our Blog Tour and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing what new offerings they have for 2018!  As you may see, Thermador is also hosting a Brand Launch Party where OneRepublic is going to preform.  I know, I know…..I really am taking one for the team here!

Wednesday, Jan. 10: KBIS 2018

After Tuesday’s full day, we have another full day ahead of us.  Here is my schedule for Wednesday:

KBIS 2018

Metrie and Lixil are also sponsors and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.  I know there are a few of my clients interested in the new Metrie shiplap and Lixil (American Standard, Grohe, and DXV) offers so many offerings at different price points.  In the afternoon, I have private visits set up with Bertazzoni, Cosentino and Franke as well as Legrand.

Thursday, Jan. 11 KBIS 2018

As you can see, my last day in Orlando that will also be jam-packed.  We start our day with the influencer breakfast and then a great lunch and learn with Mr. Steam (another great sponsor).  There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into designing a steam shower system so I’m looking forward to learning more!

I plan on doing a lot of live Facebook videos so I hope you are able to watch a few that may interest you.  Here’s to a week of learning, of hanging with some pretty cool peeps, and of course, to having a whole lot of fun!  A HUGE thank you to Modenus for this super opportunity!

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