Luxury Bathroom Faucets: Adding the icing on the cake

Luxury Bathroom Faucets: Adding the icing on the cake

Ahhh….the word budget!  Every time I work with clients of course I’m going to be thinking budget.  What I love about being in charge of the budget is that I can manipulate it to possibly splurge in one area and maybe pull back in another.  Today though, I’m not talking budget at all.  Let’s throw out the ‘B’ word out and change it for the ‘L’ word:


A bathroom is a fantastic place to add that splash of luxury.  Most clients that I am working with are asking for a ‘spa like retreat’ for their master bathroom.  They wish to spend more money on their ensuite than they do on a main bathroom.  And let’s face it – the owner of the house pays the bills so if they wish to have a nicer bathroom, then who am I to argue (because I wouldn’t)!

Luxury Bathroom Faucets

When I’m designing a new bathroom for clients we always deal with function first.  As such, I create my 3D renderings in black and white so that my clients are not swayed with the ‘pretty’.  Here is one bathroom that I am currently working on:

luxury bathrooms

In my rendering computer program, I have limited options in my library so I try to keep the fixtures pretty simple (as you can see in the rendering above).  Just so you know, those are NOT the vanity lights that will be used.

Once the function is solidified then, and only then, do we start looking at making things pretty! And by pretty, I mean we’re going to talk some luxury bathroom faucets to take this bathroom up a couple of levels!

Luxury Bathrooms

As you all know, I attended KBIS 2018 as part of the Modenus Blog Tour this past month.  Part of our tour was seeing the various sponsors and learning all about their brands and what was new.  We had the opportunity to visit LIXIL which carries three brands: American Standard (you can read all about their shower heads here), Grohe, and DXV.  Out of these three lines, DXV is their luxury flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products.  So let’s make this above master bath a luxury bathroom!

Please note: according to FTC rules, I need to disclose that my trip to KBIS was a free trip.  While I did not get paid for my time at KBIS, my hotel, airfare and some meals were covered.  As I write about our sponsors  I wish for you to know that I do not receive any additional monetary compensation for doing so.  And please note, the views expressed in this blog are totally mine! 

Luxury Bathroom: Sink Faucets

I’m not sure how many people know this about me, but I LOVE picking out bathroom faucets.  And by love, I mean REALLY  L-O-V-E picking them out.  Most times I’m looking at the style in conjunction with the price.  And typically what happens is I see the perfect faucet for the space until I look at the price.  What then has to happen it that I end up choosing my second choice (because of that damn ‘B’ word).  But for today – we’re not going to discuss price.  We’re just going to have fun and pick out the pretty!

I think one thing that draws me to DXV is that you will never find these in a big box store (if that matters to you).  I love the idea of not finding them at a big box store because it allows me to create a space truly unique for my clients.  It allows me to use my creativity to design a space that isn’t ‘cookie cutter’.  All of their faucets are truly delicious!

I spotted this bathroom faucet at KBIS and fell in love with it.  I thought of it right away for this master bath that I am working on.  It fits so nicely with everything that I have going on!  Even though on my rendering I have a single faucet, the plan is to have a widespread faucet for both sinks. I love the feminine curves with the masculine lines.  A perfect fit for the Mr. and Mrs.!  The estimated list price is $612 USD per faucet.

luxury bathroom faucets

Image source


If this is a bit traditional for you, how about this little cutie:

luxury bathroom faucets

Image source

The estimated list price on this faucet is $468 USD.  This one is a bit more fun and casual compared to the one above and would work well in a more modern space.

Now – to really wet your whistle (or maybe these won’t fancy you), there were two 3D faucets we got to see at KBIS. You will not see these in a big box store and these are definitely not for the budget friendly renovation.

luxury bathroom faucets

Image source

The estimated list price is: $17,000 USDluxury bathroom faucets

Image source

Estimated list price is: $19,500 USD

These 3D faucets – Oh.My.Gosh!  I am not kidding you.  Not only a functional faucet (that of course, will give you water), they are truly a gorgeous piece of art! I think if one of these was in my master bath, I may be mesmerized all day watching the water delicately pour out of the faucet.  Here’s a great little video on how they’re made and how they work.  Really – take the time to watch it.

Here’s the thing about all of the DXV faucets listed above.  They are luxurious.  Period.  I know they are not for everyone (the style or the price). Some may think: I can find faucets that are way cheaper than these at a fraction of the price.  While yes, you most likely can,  you can not compare apples to apples.  The way these faucets are produced and material that is used is on a different scale than a faucet massed produced for a big box store.

When I start to create a budget for renovations, I already know if the budget falls into 3 categories:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

For the most part, DXV falls into the gold category (with the exception of the 3D faucets which fall into a 4th category for me called Platinum).  When I work with clients I get to listen to all of their hopes and dreams for their space.  I also get a very good sense of what category their budget will fall in.  If your budget allows, and you fall into that ‘gold’ category, you can bet that I’ll be showing you the faucet line from DXV!

Thinking of an upcoming renovation and don’t know where to start?  Contact me today to discuss your space.  



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