Managing Your Own Renovation: A guide to success

Managing Your Own Renovation: A guide to success

I never thought the day would arrive when I would have this all ready to announce! I mean, it was over one year ago that I started the process of writing this series of e-books. The focus is one that I live and breath in my every day life: managing your own renovation.

A guide to managing your own renovation: A thank you

Before I get into the e-books and what they entail, I just wanted to take this time to thank a few, very important people who made this possible.

My Family

Without the continuous love and support from my husband and two, adult kids, I would not be able to do what I do. They all know I’m a bit of a workaholic and not one to sit and twiddle my thumbs. I like to be busy, and they embrace it. They let me spread my wings and try new things. I am eternally grateful to them and love them dearly.

My Online Family

Oh boy, without social media, I would never have met these lovely people that I hold near and dear to my heart. While I have made many great friendships, there are two in particular that have always shown me support and encouragement. Claire Jefford and Leslie Carothers are two ladies that have encouraged me to publish my knowledge. Without their support, I would not have taken this step! Love you ladies!

A guide to managing your own renovation: Why this was created

The whole idea of documenting my process came about with many Interior Designers, as well as my own clients, wishing to manage their own renovation project. With both groups of people not knowing where to start, what order things should be done, I decided to do a ‘brain dump’ of what was inside my head. While I have policies and procedures for my business, they were not necessarily written in a ‘guide’ format.

Out of this brain dump came a 89+ page guide to managing your own renovation. As 89+ pages would be way too overwhelming, it was Leslie’s idea to par it down into sub categories. As such, I created 5 e-books on managing your own renovation.

A guide to managing your own renovation

This e-book is the first in the series. It really is a rundown of what it means to manage a renovation project. In this book I include:

  • What it means – actually means – to be in charge and manage a renovation project.
  • DOWNLOADABLE: A renovation Flow Chart that sets out a renovation from the very beginning in a chart form. This is an easy way to visually see how an entire project starts and ends.
  • I have outline the role of a project manager and what the tasks are when you manage a renovation project.
  • The Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities form that I give to clients is included. This is also DOWNLOADABLE so that Interior Designers can tweak and change it as they see fit.

Working with The Trades

This is a HUGE part for any Interior Designer or DIY’er who will be working with trades when managing your own renovation. I mean – for most of you, you will have at least one trade in your home! In this e-book, I include the following:

  • What a Trade Agreement is and why anyone (Interior Designer or DIY’er) should have one.
  • Obtaining quotes from the trades. How do you go about doing that to ensure you are receiving the most accurate quote?
  • Holding a Trade Day. In this e-book, I give an example of a real-life project and what was on my list for each specific trade.
  • A breakdown of what each trade will need for their trade day.
  • How to schedule the trades for the work to be carried out.
  • DOWNLOADABLE: My own trade agreement that I have with all of my trades.

Creating a Budget for Your Renovation

Budgets can be tricky however when you follow a set plan, they can be put together so that nothing is missing. In this e-book, I include the following:

  • How I create my budgets for product, labour, and then how I put it together.
  • I have included DOWNLOADABLE spreadsheet templates for both kitchen and bathrooms.
  • How to handle ‘Extra to Contract’.
  • DOWNLOADABLE Change Order template.
  • Communicating the budget with clients and what not to do.

Creating A Construction Calendar

Now that the budget has been set, it’s time to organize the troops to get the job done. In this e-book, I cover the following:

  • What exactly is a construction calendar?
  • Why it is so important to have one.
  • What should be on the construction calendar?
  • How to create one including a DOWNLOAD
  • THE ORDER OF WORK TO BE DONE. This is a huge area that I go over at great length. For anyone who has never managed a renovation before, this part will be extremely helpful.
  • Communicating the calendar and how to handle changes and curveballs.

Final Walkthrough

This is the smallest e-book however it is packed with the most important list of all. The final punchlist! In this e-book, I cover:

  • Why it is so important to do a final walkthrough.
  • Signing off of the punchlist.
  • DOWNLOADABLE Punchlist
  • The end of a renovation

A guide to managing your own renovation

While each e-book can be purchased separately, you can purchase the bundle at a reduced rate.

My Goal and Mission

With each purchase, you will also be invited to my private Facebook group where you can ask any questions, share stories, ask for advice, etc.

I guess once a teacher, always a teacher. It really is my goal and mission to help others.

Interior Designers

I know there are many questions about managing your own renovations. I also know there are different rules depending on your location and where you live. It is my hope that this e-book series answers any of your questions about managing your own renovation projects. I also hope that it gives you the tools to be successful!


While I love managing my renovation projects, I also know that there are DIY’ers who would like to save the money and manage it on their own. I totally get that. It is my hope that with this series, you will get the guidance and help you need to manage your own project.

I look forward to seeing you in my private Facebook group and hearing all about your own projects and how you are managing your own renovation with confidence!

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together


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