Manage Your Own Renovation Project

Manage Your Own Renovation Project

I’ve been managing my own renovations for some time now.

From my experience as a design professional, I have learned a few things about renovations and remodeling projects, some of them the hard way! 

With this series of e-books, I aim to help others renovate with greater confidence.

Each e-book contains valuable information that I have learned along the way. Learning from my mistakes and tweaking what was working, I now have a formula for success! Included in each e-book are also valuable downloads such as:

  • My Project Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Calendar Templates
  • Spreadsheets for kitchen and bath budgets
  • Change order and/or Extra to Contact templates
  • My Trade Agreement that I use with my trades
  • A final Punch List Walkthrough checklist.

My goal is to help educate Interior Designers and or DIY’er who wish to manage their own renovations. My wish is that you are provided with greater confidence for managing your own renovation.

The Complete Bundle

This bundle contains 5 series to walk you through an entire renovation!

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Book 1

What does it take to manage a renovation? Following these steps will ensure you have success!

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Book 2

This book covers everything you will want to know, such as:

  • The definition of a Trade Agreement is
  • Obtaining quotes from trades
  • Trade Day List – what should be on this?
  • How to schedule in the trades
  • Download my own Trade Agreement

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Book 3

In this e-book, I will cover:

  • How to create a renovation budget
  • How to create a payment schedule
  • How do deal with extras and add-ons
  • Keeping track of all of the changes
  • My one piece of advice on NOT what to do

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Book 4

In this e-book, I will cover the following:

  • Define what a Construction Calendar is
  • What should be in the Construction Calendar
  • How to create a Construction Calendar
  • What is the order of work that gets done in a renovation
  • Communicating the calendar and progress.

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Book 5

Included in this e-book is:

  • What is a Punch List
  • Download my own Punch List
  • The end of a Renovation – what happens?

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