Masculine home design plan

Masculine home design plan

I have recently been working on pulling together elements for a bachelor.  I have to admit, this client is my very first bachelor that I’ve worked with. With all of my other clients, there has been a Mrs., who for the most part, has been the decision maker.  Not only is this particular client a bachelor, he has been out of the country so the contractor and myself have been making decisions.  No pressure!

Masculine Home Design Plan – The Kitchen

I am so thankful that I have worked with this contractor before because he knows my process and I know his.  It’s also nice to be able to be brutally honest without having to worry what he’s thinking.

Starting with the foundation palette

Since this entire home is getting renovated (maybe that’s why Mr. Client has left the country for a bit – LOL), the new kitchen cabinets were going to dictate the foundation palette.  IKEA cabinets were chosen ahead of me being involved and as such, the foundation palette will be off-white.

masculine home design plan

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Mr. Client had a vision of having white cabinets, a lighter counter, and then some kind of splashy-flashy backsplash.  With the cabinets being off-white, I chose a beautiful quartz.

masculine home design plan

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It’s not often that I lose sleep over specifying elements for a renovation, but this particular home had me unsettled.  I was tasked to find kitchen backsplash that was, ‘…timeless and exotic.”  Oh boy….those two words put together stressed me out as I don’t believe there is such a thing and I don’t think those 2 words belong in the same sentence when talking about backsplash tile.   I also knew that an entire wall was going to be tiled so I had to find something that would wow yet not be crazy.  After bringing a number of samples and going over the pros and cons of each, it was decided to go with the following tile:

masculine home design plan

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What stands out for me and this tile is that it is going to look super with the stainless steel appliances and plays well with the quartz counters.  It is also quite masculine as well.

Masculine Home Design Plan – The Bathroom

In keeping with this bachelor pad theme, I wanted to bring in the masculine feel yet soften things up a bit for the bathroom.  I was not going for the ‘man cave’ feel in this space!  In the end, we ended up going with the following tile for the floor, the walls around the bath, and the mosaic.

masculine home design plan

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Masculine Home Design Plan – The Rest

Once the hard finishes were chosen, the last thing to choose was the paint.  While the tile in the kitchen has a definite blue undertone, the tile in the bathroom has a green undertone.  I chose 3 different paint colours for this home: the main living area including the kitchen (blue undertone paint), the 2 bedrooms (blue-green undertone), and the bathroom (a green undertone).  Here is the colour palette for this home:

masculine home design plan

**the colours on your screen may not represent the actual paint colours chosen**

And here is everything pulled together:

masculine home design plan

I’m looking forward to seeing all of these elements pulled together for Mr. Client.

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