Master Bath Remodel Plan

Master Bath Remodel Plan

Master Bath Remodel Plan

When I first met my clients on January 9, 2019, we met to discuss an entire home remodel. While my clients have a lovely home, there were certain areas that were not working for them and their three beautiful girls. One area that we spent quite a bit of time was discussing the master bath.

While we are going to be doing some substantial work on the main floor, the master bedroom/bathroom is going to have a major overhaul. So what exactly do we have planned for this master bath remodel plan?

What we are currently dealing with

Since I love working in this space, I always enjoy the design process to see where it’s going to take us. It is always helpful to see the ‘As Is’ plan. You know, the situation we are currently dealing with? Here is how the master bedroom and bathroom currently sit.

Master Bath Remodel Plan
BEFORE: Master Bath Remodel Plan – the ‘As Is’

The As Is Pros

Going over what my clients currently enjoy in their space is the following:

  • The master is very spacious.
  • The shower size and bench in the shower.

The As Is Cons

As you can imagine, this list is a little bit longer:

  • The bath currently takes up so much space.
  • The closet is long and narrow making for a poorly functional space.
  • The 2 way gas fireplace takes up a lot of room. In addition, due the the fireplace having to be quite high on the wall to accommodate the bath, it ends up extremely high when viewing it from the master bedroom.
  • The tile work is very dated.
  • The cabinetry is a darker wood and looking dated.

Master Bath Remodel Plan

While there are many ‘cons’ for my clients, the best thing going for me is the space – the footprint. I am very fortunate to be able to work in such a great space!

Part of the planning of this space also includes moving the washer and dryer upstairs from the current main floor spot (currently situated in the mud room). After looking at a number of options, and knowing a rough budget we have to work with, here is the plan we have come up with.

Master Bath Remodel Plan
Master Bath Remodel Plan: The Design Plan

Here are the key changes to this space:

  1. Since my clients are not bathers, we are going to remove the bathtub to make room for a dedicated ‘her’ closet. As we need a fairly large space, we are also going to steal a bit of space from the master bedroom to achieve this goal.
  2. The long narrow existing closet is going to be transformed into two spaces: a ‘his’ closet and the laundry room.
  3. The entire space will have all new heated tile floors, new tile shower walls, and a feature wall of tile located on the ‘her’ closet wall (facing the vanity wall).
  4. The existing vanities will be repainted.
  5. This space will get all new hardware for the cabinets as well as new lighting and faucets.
  6. Of course, the walls will be repainted.
  7. Each ‘his/her’ closet will have closet organizes.
  8. A fireplace will be installed in the master bedroom (either a gas or electric) as well as TV.
  9. We are also adding in a dedicated ‘lounge’ area to kick up tired feet at the end of a hard working day.

While there are many things to still pick out, here is a glimpse of the tile that I will be presenting for the master bath remodel plan that includes the feature wall tile, the shower floor tile, the shower wall tile, and the floor tile.

Master Bath Remodel Plan
Master bath remodel plan: tile selections

Master Bath Remodel: Shop

While I will never share the list of products from our custom design projects (since that is what our clients pay us for and are trade sources) and they are mainly custom made, here are a few bathroom accessory finds that you may enjoy!

My blog contains affiliate links. Any purchases, that are at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.

Master Bath Remodel Plan

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