Master Bathroom Vanity Design: How we came to the final design

Master Bathroom Vanity Design: How we came to the final design

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When it comes to working with clients on their master bathroom vanity design, there are many things we discuss and investigate:

  • The first item we talk about is the ‘pain point’ of their existing space. What do my clients like and dislike with their current situation?
  • What is the hope/dream for the new master bathroom vanity? There are always wishes and hopes when we look at installing a new vanity
  • Are there storage requirements that are needed?

Master Bathroom Vanity Design

In a current master bathroom that is currently being renovated, the clients and I had many discussions about the design of the master bathroom. Let’s start with what the pain points were.

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
What the bathroom layout was.

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
BEFORE: double vanity. While there was one bank of drawers in the middle, the sink cabinets had doors and were not great for storage.

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
BEFORE: Steam shower unit (with low ceiling height)

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
BEFORE: drop in bath with tile surround

Master Bathroom Vanity Design: Options

When working with clients, I like to create renderings so they can get a good sense of what the space will look like. When looking at creating master bathroom vanity designs, my clients were looking for the following:

  • Increase the storage.
  • Keep the double sinks.
  • Hide the angled wall.

Here are a few master bathroom vanity designs we looked at.

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
While this design captured two out of three on the wish list, it did not address the angled wall.

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
This design hides the angled wall, provides lots of storage, but the overall feel was too heavy (with the additional cabinets above).

master bathroom vanity design
This design provides a lot of storage, hides the angled wall, but only has one sink.

Master Bathroom Vanity Design: Final Plan

After looking at all of the options, going over the pros and cons as well as the budget, we came to this final design:

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
Final master bathroom vanity design plan.

Let’s take a closer look:

Master Bathroom Vanity Design

  1. Not only do the tall towers hide the angled wall, but they both also provide the storage my clients were hoping for. The tall tower on the left will be adjusted to accommodate the angled wall. This means the shelving will not be straight across.
  2. While this cabinet will be modified for the angled wall, and while it looks like a pull out drawer, this cabinet will open like a door.
  3. The sink vanities have three drawers. The first two drawers will be notched around the plumbing while the bottom drawer will be full drawers. As opposed to the standard cabinet doors, pull-out drawers provide the maximum storage!
  4. This pull-out will have an organizing system installed for a hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc. This drawer will also include an outlet that will power on when the drawer is pulled out and the power will trip off when the drawer closes (as per our electrical code).

Master Bathroom Vanity Design: The Compromise

When dealing with a certain size space, there may be compromises that need to be made. This master bathroom vanity design is no different. The compromise that my clients were willing to make was counter space. As you may see, there is not a lot of counter space in this design. What my clients intend on doing is putting all of their items in the tall cabinets that flank each sink. As you can see, there are two doors on those tall cabinets. My clients intend to place their day-to-day items in the lower portion while keeping less often-used items in the top section.

Here’s one little last sneak peek at the rest of the space (in a conceptual design)

Master Bathroom Vanity Design
Design by Get It Together

I’ll be posting live updates from this project over the next couple of weeks. I hope you’ll be able to join me on Facebook and/or Instagram.


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