Multi-Family Units: Habitat for Humanity provides a hand up

Multi-Family Units: Habitat for Humanity provides a hand up

I love spending time with Habitat for Humanity, and this year was no different. While I typically volunteer for the Women Build Day, I was unable to attend the event this past May. I was happy to be able to join a group of business owners this past week to lend a hand on new multi-family units.

Habitat for Humanity Partner Family

Before I get to the ‘bang for the buck’, here is a little background about the qualifications to be a partner family with Habitat for Humanity:

  • A partner family needs to have children living with the adult/parent.
  • The partner family has to have a job for at least 2 years.
  • An approved partner family needs to put in a minimum of 500 sweat equity hours. That my include working at the job site or at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

The entire idea behind Habitat for Humanity is to give a hand up (not a hand out). Partner families pay 0% down and 0% interest while 25% of their income will go towards the mortgage.

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta is the 4th top builder! What an accomplishment and something for everyone to be proud of!

Multi-Family Units

I am always amazed at the bang for the buck when it comes to multi-family units. This Habitat for Humanity project is no different.

When this project is totally complete, there will be four, eight-plex homes to house 32 families!

Drawings and plans designed by Gravity Architect

Drawings and plans designed by Gravity Architect

The Bang for the Buck

Multi-family units can take on many shapes and sizes. What really surprised me about this particular project is how they are using the ‘stacked’ plan. What do I mean by that? It means that there is one unit that takes up space in the basement and ‘main floor’, while the second unit takes up space on the second and third story.

I will apologize for the images below. I took them with my iPhone and these are the site plans (meaning they are dirty and well used)!

Main and Lower Level Units

Multi-Family Units
Main floor plan. This includes the kitchen, dining room, living room, and a powder room.

Multi-Family Units
The basement/lower level has all of the bedrooms as well as a full size bathroom and laundry room.

As you can see, every inch is carefully planned out for maximum function.

Second and Third Story Units

Multi-Family Units
Walking up the stairs from the main entrance, you enter into the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Multi-Family Units
Going up another flight of stairs, you will find the top floor that houses all of the bedrooms as well as a full size bathroom, laundry room, and mechanical room.

Living in the top units requires a few steps (ok – a lot of steps), but exercise is good – right?

Habitat for Humanity

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank Kristal Heise with Mahalo Properties for arranging this day. Being in the real estate business, Kristal is an avid volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Kristal and I at lunch time.

Kristal takes it upon herself to organize this event for business owners every year. I’m happy to be included in such a fine group. I was also happy to work all day with my bookkeeper Tania Constantine with Insight Bookkeeping! Normally, I talk business with Tania and I was happy to work with her all day and just talk (not about business).

Our team!

I would also like to thank the many people that donated! Part of what I love about Habitat for Humanity is that ALL of the donations that I received go directly into the build. Not to administration. Not to paying someone’s salary. It goes TO the build. If you still wanted to donate, you can do so here.

Donate here

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