Working with an Interior Designer: My Top 3 Myths

Working with an Interior Designer: My Top 3 Myths

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to give a five minute talk about my business.  When I was putting together the presentation I decided to start with misconceptions of a Design Professional.  You know, the snobby bitchy type misconceptions that people may have.  After my presentation I had a couple of people come up to me to thank me for talking about the misconceptions.  It got me thinking of some of the myths that people may have when working with an Interior Designer. So… I’ve put together my top 3 myths about working with a Design Professional – specifically me.

Working with an Interior Designer: Myth #1

Anyone that can pay my bill is a potential client.

If my business coach were to ask me who my ideal client was and I responded, “Anyone with a wallet,” I’m pretty sure she would pounce all over me and make me get specific.  Just because a person can pay the bill doesn’t mean they are a good fit or make a good client/designer relationship.

In my case, WAY ahead of paying my bill comes compatibility.

  • Do you trust that I know what I’m talking about?
  • Do you value what a design professional can do for you?
  • Do you like my ‘style’?
  • Do you think we will work well together?

These are all valid questions for a potential client as well as questions for myself.  I have never had a bossy, overbearing client, I would actually turn down the work if that was their personality.  I don’t do bitchy.  Period.  I don’t care how much you will pay me, I will never tolerate being treated like the hired help.  I will not be answering my phone or text 24/7 and if you think your money dictates that, then we won’t be a good fit.  I have only had to fire a client once and I hope to never do that again. It was not comfortable and I lost a lot of sleep.  It was a true learning experience for me to know that

Not everyone -with a wallet- is my ideal client. (1)

Working with an Interior Designer: Myth #2

Design Professionals like to spend money

Perhaps some do – I can’t argue that (especially the ones you may see on reality T.V.) But did you know that working with a Design Professional can actually save you money!  By having a design plan in place, all the purchasing decisions are made based on the plan and are made with intention.  No purchases are made ‘off the cuff’ and in the spur of the moment.  Every purchase is made to go hand-in-hand with the design plan.  Did you also know that many Design Professionals will share their Designer Discounts?   I know I do. Design Professionals have access to many trades and it is often the case that we can source and find better deals than you may be able to find.  Do I source the most expensive product for your project?  Not if it doesn’t fit the budget and design (and only if it is requested).  I like to take a budget and actually work my butt off to come in under.  Does it happen all the time?  Truthfully – no.  When it does it- oh, it feels so good!


Working with an Interior Designer: Myths#3

Design Professionals are stuck up

Hello!  Have you met me?  If you had a preconceived idea of what a Design Professional looks like (high heels, caked on make-up, nose in the air, snobby, etc), that would be the opposite of me.

  • Am I professional?  I always like to think I am.
  • Do I wear heels?  Only if I have to (bare feet,flip flops and jeans are my preference).
  • Do I cake on the make-up? I’m pretty sure mascara doesn’t constitute caking on the make up.

When I go to design events I actually feel like a fish out of water.  I don’t dress the part because I’m not playing a role.  I’m me.  And this is what you get.

Saving you Money

Working with an Interior Designer: Can We Work Together?

If you are thinking of working with a Design Professional for your next project, you most likely already know the value they can provide. I suggest you take the time to meet a few.  Sit down for a coffee, a phone call, a Skype time (if it’s a professional that you wish to work with and they are in a different city) and talk with them.  Ask them your questions, let them share their experiences and portfolio. I encourage you to find one that you feel comfortable with and one that you can afford (because no one works for free).  Just as Design Professionals often go with with their gut, I encourage you to do the same.

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together

Interested in getting to know me better to see if we can work together on your next project?  Contact me today to discuss your upcoming project!

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