New build decisions: How to get a handle on it all

new build decisions

New build decisions: How to get a handle on it all

I am currently helping a new developer that is currently building two homes that are side-by-side.  There will be three developed floors with the floors measuring roughly 760 to 1035 square feet.  I have written one blog post about the developer not one hundred per cent happy with the floor plan that was created.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of new build decisions that need to be made.  As with any of my clients, we’re breaking things down into steps and stages to stay focused and ahead of the build.

New Build Decisions:

First Stage

The first stage that I worked on was the new kitchen design and family room design.  I created a much larger kitchen (the heart of the home) and went with one eating area vs the two that were originally created.  You can see the options I gave my clients here.

new build decisions

Second Stage: New Build Decisions

When I got pulled onto this project, the framing was already taking place and is going up quickly.  As such, the next step is to get all of the rough in plumbing and electrical.  Since this needs to happen, product needs to be specified so that rough in plumbing can go it.  On Friday, I went out to my trade only sources with my list and solidified the following:

  • toilets
  • bath tubs
  • stand alone bath tubs
  • all faucets (kitchen, bath and wet bar)
  • all sinks (kitchen, bath and wet bar)

Here are how things are coming together.

new build decisions

Third Stage: Finalize Kitchen Design

With the walls up, we can start to finalize the kitchen design.  The conceptual design is done so we will take that to make more decisions  First of all, all of the appliances need to be solidified.  Prior to the cabinet final measurement, all of the appliances need to be purchased.  I’ll be sourcing the following:

  • Refirgerator
  • Gas cook top
  • Dishwasher
  • Wall Oven
  • Wall Microwave AND trim kit
  • Hood fan
  • Stacking washer and dryer

I’ll be pulling together an appliance package today for my clients.  Here is the conceptual design elevation view.

new build decisions

Fourth Stage: Finalize Finishings

Once the kitchen design is finalized, we will be solidifying all of the finishings.  I have told the developer we need to do it in this order:

  • Floors
  • Cabinet colour and style
  • Counter
  • Backsplash
  • Wall colour
  • Hardware

This is the process I use and I am guiding my clients to follow this process.  I’ve had to explain that wall colour is NOT the first thing we pick.  Ever!  There are a million colours – well, not quite a million, but you get the idea.  There are a ton!  The floors take up the most real estate so they are first.  They also are somewhat driving the design (and budget).  From there, we will solidify the cabinet style and colour.  We will move to the counters next and so on (see my list above).  While I have a very clear idea on the design plan, all decisions will need to be approved by my clients.

New Build Decisions: Moving Forward

I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of  a time-crunch to make these decisions so quickly.  I will say that it makes my shopping very efficient as I go in with my list, get my prices, and decide on the spot.  Most times I work with clients prior to the construction starting however this is not the case with this project.  I look forward to updating you on this new build and showcasing these properties!

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