New Kitchen Design | Magic can happen without moving any walls

new kitchen design

New Kitchen Design | Magic can happen without moving any walls

When planning a new kitchen design, many of our clients look to take out a wall and open up the space. By taking out the wall, there is an opportunity to greatly increase the kitchen and living space.

But…when you don’t have the option to remove walls, we are left with maximizing the existing space – which is exactly what we are doing for an upcoming project.

As Is – Why this kitchen is no longer working

When we start to work with clients, we always like to know:

  • What is working in the current kitchen
  • What is not working in the current kitchen
  • Hopes, dreams, and wishes – we all need those, right

Here is what the kitchen currently looks like.

New Kitchen Design
As is kitchen

New Kitchen Design
As Is cooktop wall

What is currently working

The only thing that is currently working is that the actual footprint of the space. Thus, there is no reason to open up the dining room to create an even larger kitchen.

The other item that I would like to mention is that the two large windows facing the backyard allow a lot of natural light into the space.

What is not currently working

This list is more extensive:

  • The function of the kitchen is not functional at all for my clients.
  • The hood fan is not connected to outside air.
  • The hood fan (see the painters tape) is too low and heads hit the ledge.
  • The distance between the upper cabinets and the lower, base cabinets is not to today’s code and as such, larger appliances can not fit.
  • There is not enough storage.
  • The kitchen feels small (hello sunshine ceiling – thank you for that).

New Kitchen Design

After looking at what is working and what is not, I started to work on design concepts for this kitchen. Here is a 2D view of what the kitchen currently looks like.

As Is Kitchen

After reviewing options with my clients, here is the new kitchen design.

New Kitchen Design
New Kitchen Design | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

As you can see, I chose to remove the small window on the left side of this kitchen to allow for a nice long bank of cabinets (to increase storage). I have also moved the dishwasher so that we have counter space on the left and right side of the range. While there is no room to have an island, I created an ‘island space’ agains the wall. My clients are ear-marking this spot as their baking area! Click on the image to read our reasoning behind our design choices.

While there are still many fine details to address, this conceptual design is giving my clients an idea of the potential for their space.

Sheri Bruneau

Since I mentioned baking, I’ve rounded up a few goodies that may be useful for your kitchen! I hope you enjoy them.

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