Nike has it right!

Nike has it right!

When it comes to organizing – whether it’s your office, your home, your personal life, procrastination seems to easily creep in on people.  Before one knows it, a pile of paper has grown, clothes have taken on a life of their own, and many jobs are not getting done.

One key area that I ask clients to address is their schedule.   Quite often, people procrastinate because they don’t enjoy the task or they don’t have time to do it.  By taking a hard look at your own schedule – what each day looks like (both personal and work life), it can be a great way to figure out why procrastination hits.  You may find:

– you have unfinished projects
– a list of ‘To-Do’s a mile long
– you are doing things you should not be doing
– you are committed to things that offer no value or are burdensome

Whatever the reason, it’s time to assess what is filling up your schedule.  Get rid of the time-suckers, delegate tasks (remember: if it has to be done your way – you’ll be doing it), or ask for help.  Once you have gone through that stage, it’s time to look at what is left.  Many clients end up with a list of tasks or activities that are either ranked according to urgency or according to need.  Here are a few examples:

Example #1 Time Sensitive: If there is a bill that is due February 1, then it needs to be paid by Feb. 1.  Why pay late fees when you don’t have to?  Schedule in time to to pay the bill and ‘Just Do It’.

Example #2 Routine Everyone has laundry.  If the clothes hamper is full, don’t go out and buy more clothes, get washing the clothes you have.  Schedule in time to get your clothes washed and ‘Just Do It’.

Example #3 Routine We are bombarded by mail everyday.  When you get your mail, address it right away.  Recycle the flyers and paper you don’t need.  Address the bills that come in and schedule in when the bill is due to be paid, set a reminder for the bill payment and ‘Just Do It’.

When you actually sit back and really take a long, hard look at things, remembering Nike’s motto speaks the truth.  Being an adult comes with having responsibility.  So remember, ‘Just Do It’.





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