The Nix Color Sensor: Get ready to amp up your space

nix color sensor

The Nix Color Sensor: Get ready to amp up your space

This past week I had the privilege to attend the Benjamin Moore VIP event. While attending the event, we were invited to walk around and learn about new, innovative products. One little gem caught my eye: the Nix Color Sensor.

Nix Color Sensor

I have to admit, I’m a little bit of a tech geek. I am enamoured by how technology can help make life easier. And my friends, the Nix Color Sensor does just that!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Marla and the rest of the crew at Midnapore Paint and Decor, my home Benjamin Moore store, for gifting me this great little gem!

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Nix colour sensor
Nix Color Sensor

What is it?

Well, first and foremost, this is a tool that helps colour match in an instant. You basically place the sensor on something, scan it, and save it.

Why Use It

There are many ways the Nix Color Sensor can help a designer. While most times I don’t need a tool to help me, it’s always nice to have some reassurance. Here is an example of when I scanned our drapery on our main floor.

Nix colour sensor

When I scanned my drapery panels from our family room, there were two excellent matches for the colour. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg Wythe Blue as the closest match.

Brining Together Colours

The Nix Color Sensor brings up brings up a variety of colour combinations that could work with your main colour. For example, in my family room, where these drapery panels are, I may chose an analogous theme.

nix color sensor

In looking at this scheme, I may choose to add in some decor such as this beautiful vase.

Instead of a vase, I may want to add the following art.

Or I may wish to add in a wonderful table lamp like the following,

If these colours didn’t float my boat, I could work with a split complementary scheme instead.

Nix colour sensor

With this much softer palette, I could add in toss cushions such as these ones below. They’re perfect for the cooler weather heading our way!

Or a cute urn such as this on below.

It’s just a tool

As with every piece of technology, it really is just a tool. While I may use this to find out what colour is in a piece of fabric, or use it to find out what wall colour was used, it can never replace the good ol’ human eye and the training I have taken.

What I do know is that I’ll be ensuring this little cutie is ALWAYS in my bag. If you see me around town using my Nix, don’t be surprised. I may just be snapping everything in site for the next month or so!


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