Online Design Planning | The plan to refresh this main living area.

online design planning

Online Design Planning | The plan to refresh this main living area.

While we all do our part to stay at home, many are finding ways to creatively work from home. Many are also finding that their home may be in need of a refresh. While I have been doing Online Design Planning for some time now, it is now one of our hottest ways to help clients with their space.

Online Design Options

While I offer in-person design service, I offer two online services to assist clients with their spaces.

A quick service that provides you with actions you can carry out in your home on your own.

This is a custom package designed to help you with a renovation or new build.

For this blog, I am going to illustrate how my Online Design Planning works.

Online Design Planning | How it Works

First of all, our Online Design Planning is quite different that our in-person Design Work Session. Here are a couple of ways that it is different.

  1. Online Design Planning only involves communication via email. There are no phone calls, Skype, Facetime, etc.
  2. This package does not involve any 2D or 3D renderings for your space.
  3. What this package does provide you is with some quick and easy ways to refresh your space.
  4. This package includes a shopable list for products that I am recommending.

Step 1

The first step is to book your Online Design Planning package. After that is booked, I request that you send me images of your space in question. Included with your booking is a FAQ. This information that I provide you guides you to what kinds of photos I am looking for, how many photos I will need, as well as photo tips. This will allow me to get a really good idea of what your space currently looks like.

Online Design Planning
This is what my clients’ home currently looks like.

For this particular project, I also have close up photos of the art on the wall, the art on the fireplace, as well as some measurements for the built-in bookcases and area rug.

Step 2

I come up with a plan. For this project, these are the elements that I needed to work with. The wall colour was not going to change, the built-ins and stone on the fireplace were not going to change, and my clients really like their art.

Sheri Bruneau, Designer | Online Design Planning

When this client reached out to me they mentioned

I read your blogs and that’s what got me thinking we should change things up!

In our conversation, the following was requested for this space:

  • spring toss pillows
  • a new throw 
  • knick knacks for book cases

This is where the fun for me begins as I start to pull together ideas for their space.

The Plan

What I am going to share below is not what I sent my client. Her selections were curated specifically for her. Below are other options that I have selected for the purpose of this blog.

Online Design Planning
Sheri Bruneau, Designer| Online Design Planning

For the mood board above, I needed to work around the fixed elements of the stone and built-ins. In addition, the wall colour was not changing. You may notice that I also added in an area rug. While this was not on the ‘list’,, I felt the current area rug that is in the space is a bit dated (in colour). An area rug, like I suggest above, will give just the right punch of colour.

Online Design Planning
Sheri Bruneau, Designer| Online Design Planning

My client has many existing accessories that will work. What is missing in these built-ins is that little punch of colour. Blues and greens are the main colour. With the addition of a little pop of pink and yellow, this will all be freshened up.

Online Design Planning
Sheri Bruneau, Designer| Online Design Planning

Again, my client did not mention lighting or the wall space above the built-ins however, I felt those needed a bit of attention.

The first thing I noticed was that there was no floor lamp. In addition, the table lamps were not the best scaled lamps.

For the wall above the built-ins, I suggested they use wallpaper and change out the lights. By using a wallpaper, like a grasscloth, it will give that large space some texture and colour. In addition, the little lights that were installed when the home was built are dated and not to scale. I suggested a fun wall sconce that will still give them the functional lighting they are used to with their existing lights.

Step 3

The third step is for me to pull this all together for my client. Since this package does not include 2D or 3D drawings, I can often take one of the images and draw over it.

Sheri Bruneau, Designer| Online Design Planning

Step 4

The final step for me is to pull together a shopable list for my clients. This will allow my clients to ‘shop the look’ of all of the items I have suggested.

With this package, nothing is custom made (unless I source from Etsy and have requested it). Everything that I source can be found online and is easily accessible for my clients to carry out the plan.

The Result

When I send information back to my clients, I send them a pdf package that outlines the product that I’ve selected. I also send them a private shopable list if they wish to purchase anything that I have suggested.

For this client, when I sent them their package and shopable list, the response I got was,

Awesome – got your email. Love the cushions, rug and everything else you put together!

I am really looking forward to seeing the updates that my client will be making in their home.

Shop This Look

The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.

Looking to refresh your space? Contact me today to start working towards refreshing your space.


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