Open Floor Plan: Come along this journey with me!

Open Floor Plan: Come along this journey with me!

I am currently working on a new renovation project where I will be creating an open floor plan.  The home is a cute bungalow and is a flip property (meaning this home will be updated to sell) and is just over 1300 square feet.  When I first met my clients at the home, I knew this was going to be a great project.  As it sits right now, this 1965 home is pretty closed off with walls separating the main floor.

open floor plan

This is pretty standard in a home of this age and of course, the goal is not only to bring the function of this main floor up to today’s standards (meaning creating an open floor plan for this bad-boy) but also bringing the finishing touches up to today’s standards as well.  Bigger ticket items like flooring and counters need to be in line with today’s standards.  Not only will it be important to bring the finishings up to today’s standard, it will be important that the finishes are in line with what the community and other properties have as well.  Just as you never want to over-renovate for a property, you also never want to under-renovate as well.

The entire main floor is going to be changed completely to create an open floor plan.  Some of the changes will come with updated and refreshing the space (new paint, new flooring, new baseboards, new casings, new doors, etc.) while other spaces are going to be undergoing some significant changes (walls being removed, spaces reconfigured, etc.).

Since the family is living in the home while it will be worked on, the goal is to have the family live in the basement while the main floor is being worked on.  Once the main floor is complete, they will move upstairs and the entire basement will be renovated.

The Big Issue

The biggest issue in this home is a wall that currently separates the kitchen from the living space.

open floor plan

In looking at taking down these 2 walls to create an open floor plan, there is one teeny, tiny issue.  The long wall is a structural wall so that means one of two things:  install a beam (there will actually need to be 2 beams however one can be hidden in the wall) or use a post.  Of course, each one comes with a price tag  as well as pros and cons.

Open Floor Plan: Post Option

One thing I love is being able to show clients the potential of what the space can look like.  Here is a conceptual design (and please note that it is no where near being complete), but it gives a good idea of what a post would potentially look like.  The design of the kitchen is a rough design however the position of the post is where it would need to go.  Once I know if this is the option my clients wish to proceed with, then I’ll work more on the function and fine detail of the kitchen.

open floor plan

For this design, I’ve built the island around the post and right now, I’ve made the post as small as I could however there are a lot of options to turn that post into something more pretty.  Are you getting the idea of what it could look like?

Open Floor Plan: Beam Option

In looking at creating an open floor plan using a beam, I also created a conceptual design to show my clients the potential of their space.

open floor plan

Again, the kitchen design is no where near being finalized and this beam is actually a bit too far out (on this plan).  While there is still a lot of work needed to finalize this plan, are you getting a feel as to what this home would be like with the beam?

Moving Forward

You may think the decision would be an easy one – but it is not.  There are so many things to take into consideration.  Of course, the main decision is the budget followed closely by creating this open floor plan to be sold to new buyers and potentially a really great family. While I have my own opinion, in the end this home belongs to my clients and it will be their decision.  Whatever decision they decide to go with, I will ensure that the open floor plan is functional and not only pretty, but spectacular!

While I continue to work on solidifying the kitchen design with the post vs beam options, we are going to start working on the bathrooms (both the main and the master).  Stay tuned as the master bath is going to be totally redesigned (to be larger and to include a shower) and the main bath is going through some significant refreshing.

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