You Be The Judge – Is being organized the same as being a control freak?

You Be The Judge – Is being organized the same as being a control freak?

Have any of you ever been called a name before? Well I have! We all know it’s not nice to call people names and recently I was called a ‘control freak’. And guess who called me that?   My own loving husband! When I tried to explain myself, I found myself stating that I truly wasn’t a control freak but more of an organized freak. He failed to see the difference. As I gathered all my ammunition to back up my side, I found myself starting to wonder if I truly was a control freak (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I knew there were three points that I wanted to share to prove my point that it’s not a bad thing to be organized or in control.

Control Freak

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Structure = Happiness

There is nothing that brings me more joy than knowing that something planned and executed has gone off without a hitch. What do I mean by that? When planning a clients’ space, I love it when baskets or bins are the exact size. Why? Because I’ve structured the project to ensure I’ve taken the time to measure first, and then buy only what I need.

In my home, it’s as simple as knowing that laundry is going to get done every _______(insert day of the week here). When it gets done, when it’s put away, I just want to sing out, “TA DA!” The little high of accomplishing a task (that I truly dread) feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Having structure in my home and for my business brings me happiness, as I know things are getting done.

Getting Things Done

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Structure = Calm

I don’t do well with ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants’, although I do love surprises and unplanned events every now and then. I’ve taught and trained my teens to ensure that I have more than enough notice if they need me for something. Why is that?

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I love feeling calm and in control (oh oh…does that fall under ‘control freak’). I hate that feeling of running late, I detest the feeling like I may have forgotten something, and I cringe when I’ve got the wrong date (and yes, that has happened – but only once 😉 Structuring in time for me allows me to take that extra five minutes before bed to ensure I know what’s going on for the next day. It allows me to ensure I have the correct client files in my bag, the correct address to where I’m supposed to be going, and it allows me to ensure my kids are going to where they are supposed to be going. Say it with me, “Om”.


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Structure = Organized

Structure brings me an organized home and business. My days are organized and broken into ‘business hours’ and ‘home hours’. Having a home office, I need to ensure that I am good to myself and not work all hours of the night (which I could easily do). I need to ensure that my work and home life are balanced. I structure time in my day, and organize my days of the week to ensure that I am keeping up on client files, billing, blogging, etc. I structure that all in so that I can continue to be organized with my home and my business. There isn’t a day that I have not planned with intention (except for Saturday and Sunday).

In the end, I guess you can say that I personally thrive on structure and routine. I feel lost when there isn’t any. I feel like I’m spinning out of control when there is no structure, and I feel a great sense of calm and happiness when structure is put back in place.

 Does this relate to you?

When I work with clients who want to fall in love with their homes, structure and routines are one of the first things we talk about (or end up talking about).

Dealing With Mail

If there is no routine or structure when you open the mail, you may have mail sitting on the counter for days (and sometimes even months).

Grocery Shopping

When you have no organizing system in place when it comes time to putting away groceries, you may just end up shoving in food wherever it fits – instead of having an organized space for it to go. When you have an organized space for food, it’s easy to see what you are running low on and what you need to buy.

Kids Toys

When the kids don’t clean their toys, your home can quickly look like a dumping ground. When there are routines set in place (like putting away a toy before getting out another one), you maintain calm and order in your home.

The list could go on and on for every room in the house.  In the end, I guess I really don’t care that I was called a control freak. I obviously know that there are many, many things I can’t control in life. However, if there are things I can control to make my life, my family’s life and my business run efficiently and effectively, I’ll do it. I have control over how organized we are.  I have control on the effects it has on my business and my family.  Having that peaceful feeling – there’s no other feeling like it!

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