An Organized Space: My top 3 tips to get it together

Ahhhh…..ringing in a new year always gets people creating New Year’s Resolutions or setting goals. Having an organized space is one request that tends to fall high on a list for many people. I find that I personally deal so much better when things are In their place. When there is no clutter. When there

My Home Office: A few of my favourite things

I’m not sure if many of you know, but I have a home office. While I have been asked to move into a number of office spaces, I really don’t wish to leave my cozy space. I’m writing this blog as part of a blog link up or blog hop. You will see at the

Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences: My Top Choices

It’s that time of year where many designers and influencers round up their top picks (including Oprah’s Favorite Things) and create their own Holiday Gift Guide.  Since I’m a huge fan of giving experiences as gifts, I’ve round up my favorite Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences. I’m going to share a little secret with you: 

Bathroom Refresh: Out with the old, in with the new

This past long weekend, Rick and I had the pleasure of helping our dear friends with their bathroom refresh project.  It was two years ago that we helped them with their main bathroom refresh project and it was time to hit the master bath and powder room. Bathroom Refresh The Plan As you all know

How much is it going to cost? Renovation budget expectations

When it comes to budgets for a renovation, there are SO many factors and variables.  The best place, and first place, to start is to have a design plan in place.  Once the design plan is in place, obtaining quotes from the trades will be easy.  So what kind of renovation budget expectations should you

What happens during a Design Work Session

Ever wonder what goes into a Design Work Session with an Interior Design Professional?   I was recently called to a past client’s home to help with figuring out how to set up an area for homework while still having an area to play (one daughter starting grade three in the fall and the son starting

Pulling a Design Plan Together

I’m super excited as I’ve been pulling together a design plan for an upcoming renovation that will be taking place this summer. Pulling a Design Plan Together: Step 1 Kitchen Design – Function First The first step that was worked on for these clients was a new kitchen design plan.  Although there is going to

Bathroom Renovation: What Are The Options?

I’ve recently started to work with a family who is looking to have their master bathroom renovated and quite possible the main bathroom.  I say quite possibly the main bath as the first step in the process is to have all the Poly B lines changed.  Depending on the price to do that, I will either