Organizing Maintenance

Organizing Maintenance

If you are a vehicle owner, there’s not doubt that every once in awhile,  you have to have regular maintenance done on your car.  Whether it’s an oil change, tires rotated, or a flushing of your car’s system (I really have no idea if that’s what it’s called – but it sounds good!).  There’s always something that has to be looked at in order for your car to run smoothly.

Maintenance could be found everywhere in your life!  I’ve come up with a list (and it’s not complete) of things in our lives that may require maintenance:

  • •teeth
  • •hair
  • •nails
  • •home
  • •grass/yard
  • •vehicle
  • •dishes (washing)

The list can go on and on.  The point is, when you have organized something in your life – whether it is a physical space or you’ve worked on time management – it too requires maintenance.

A physical space example:  When working with a young family, together we created an organized toy room.  We had labeled bins and every toy had a proper ‘home’.  Five years later, most of the bins were no longer needed as they kids did not play with those toys anymore.  What were once bins with toys were replaced with a video game console and 1 bin for the games to go with it.

Too often people think that when an organizer comes in and organizes something, it’s going to stay that way.  Not true!  Your physical space and/or time management need to be maintained.  Things change, kids grow up, and we get more mature (see – I didn’t say older).

There are no hard, fast rules for how often you need to maintain your spaces.  For my family situation, I re-organize the garage and our basement twice a year.  I go through the entire space and recycle and give away anything that we no longer use or need.  I re-organize our closets four times a year (once after each season) and my kitchen cupboards and drawers once a year (typically during spring cleaning season).  My hard-fast rule for any space: anything that hasn’t been used in a season leaves our home!

The key to any organized space is the maintenance part.  When you maintain an organized space you stop the feeling of being overwhelmed because you deal with it before it gets out of control.

Happy maintaining!

Sheri Bruneau

Get It Together Inc.

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