Planning a New Linear Fireplace – All the measurements you need

Planning a New Linear Fireplace – All the measurements you need

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I am currently working in a home where every room will be getting some kind of facelift. Thus, I’ve called this project our ‘Full Facelift Project’. While some spaces are receiving some minor work, there are two areas that are receiving substantial work: the kitchen and the adjoining family room. You can read about what we’re doing in the kitchen here. The family room will be getting a new fireplace and shelving to flank each side. So what exactly goes into planning a new linear fireplace?

Planning a New Linear Fireplace

Part of this entire Full Facelift Project is to give my clients and their family a space on the main floor, located off the kitchen, to be a focal point and a gathering space. This is how the space currently looks (please keep in mind almost all of the furniture has been moved out of this space).

Planning a New Linear Fireplace
The feature wall as it currently sits

Wants, Wishes, and Dreams

As I mentioned above, my clients are hoping for this space to be the following:

  • A space to watch TV
  • A fireplace that provides some heat (we are in a Polar Vortex you know)!
  • A place to store games and display items.

Let the Planning Begin

When I heard my clients were hoping to have a new fireplace, we looked at a number of options. We knew that the existing fireplace was going to be torn out, so we basically were starting from scratch with this area.

As my clients also wished to have a TV mounted above the fireplace, we looked at two options: a more traditional fireplace (similar to what they currently have), and a linear fireplace (a more modern looking fireplace).

After weighing the pros and cons of both types of fireplaces, we went with the linear look for the fireplace.

Regency New York View

All the Pros

When we looked at planing out a new linear fireplace, there were a LOT pros:

  • By going with this model, we are able to place the TV right above the fire. We don’t have to worry about any code measurements in terms of how high the TV has to be off of the gas fireplace.
  • This linear fireplace comes with interior lights to accentuate the fire. What this really means is that it’s super pretty to look at!
  • The best pro of all? We can use any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace. Due to how this gas fireplace is vented, we could use wallpaper, wood, tile, stone….the sky is the limit!

There is one Con

You all know I like to share both sides of the story, so here is the con for this fireplace. The price tag! This fireplace comes in at a much higher price point than a ‘standard’ gas fireplace similar to what my clients already have.

Planning a New Linear Fireplace – Measurements

Due to the fact that the new linear fireplace comes in at a higher price point, we are not going to be adding custom cabinets to both sides. Rather, we will use in-stock cabinets that we are sourcing from IKEA. My good friend, Maria Killam, used IKEA Billy cabinets in her sister’s library

My clients will be getting a very similar look (without glass doors and glass shelving) and we will be using the IKEA Bestå system. Here is the conceptual design for their space:

Design by Sheri Bruneau

Here is what needed to be decided and what needed to be planned.


  1. Since we are using IKEA Bestå, we are limited to their sizing. As such, I planned out the ‘best fit’ (sizing) for each side first since I had lots of room to manipulate the fireplace wall. We will be going with a TV Base Cabinet that is 47″ long (and we will have an opening of 49″ to accommodate baseboards). This is for each side.
  2. When placing the cabinets into the space, I am left with the total width of the new linear fireplace wall being 6′-11″.
  3. The fireplace measures 40″ wide and the TV measures 44 5/8″ wide (this is a 50″ TV). I centered the TV and the new linear fireplace on the 6′-11″ wall.
  4. By centering the TV and the fireplace, we will have roughly 19″ on each side of the TV.


  1. Now that the width is looked after, I moved onto the height. I have placed the new linear fireplace 18″ off the ground (measuring to the bottom of the fireplace) with the center of the fireplace sitting at 25″ off the ground.
  2. For the TV, I have placed the center of the TV at 54″ off the ground. While there are guidelines for optimal heights to hang a TV, I will have my clients double check these measurements in their home to ensure they are happy with these measurements.

Planning a New Linear Fireplace – Why it’s important to plan

Once my client’s approve the measurements, these are then passed along to the fireplace company so they have a plan to follow when the come to frame and install. The installers are not mind readers and can’t guess what your wishes are. Every last detail really does need to be planned out to ensure the bookcases are going to fit properly. As I have said numerous times, failing to plan is planning to fail. And with the cost of is for this new feature wall, you don’t want to make any mistakes!

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