Preparing for a Renovation: The Rollercoaster of Emotions

Preparing for a Renovation: The Rollercoaster of Emotions

When it comes to renovating, there are definite ups and downs, highs and lows. In my experience, it’s best to mentally prepare yourself.  What exactly are the emotions in a renovation?

Preparing for a Renovation

I kid you not, there are a variety of emotions when dealing with a renovation.

preparing for a renovation


Preparing for a Renovation: Excitment

Getting to see your space either redesigned or newly designed before the work is done can be so exciting.  I love showing what a space can look like and see my clients’ reactions.   It is at this phase where you can really get a sense of what the space is going to look like.

preparing for a renovation

This is a rendering of a custom home build that I am currently working on.  It is in the planning stage and while there may be changes to cabinet style, kitchen layout, furniture, etc., the rendering is going to give my clients a view of what this space in their new home is going to look like.  EXCITMENT!

Preparing for a Renovation: Nothing Done

Once plans are signed off and work starts, the emotional high of a renovation soon fades away.  Workers are entering your space, your home, and coming and going when they please (at least that’s what you think).  It is at this phase where I like to call it the ‘dirty work’ gets done.  I call it the dirty work because it’s not pretty work.  We’re talking plumbing, electrical (insert yawn here), etc.  It is during this phase where you may visit the work site (or see it when you come home) and think, “What the hell is going on here? Why is nothing being done?”  Although you may think nothing is getting done, there is actual work done.  The site may be waiting for inspectors to come, there may be drywall mud that needs to dry, there may be new cement that needs to cure (see below).  Let’s face it, it’s not work that anyone will ever see, it’s nothing your neighbours or friends will ooo and ah over either.  I told you, I call it dirty work.  Mentally prepare yourself for this!

preparing for a renovation

This image is from the ‘Diamond in the Rough‘ flip that I’m working on with Neil Fifer.  The plumbing needed to be moved for the bathroom and installed for the wet bar area.  This takes time to cure!

Preparing for a Renovation: Seeing Progress

When the dirty work gets all done, the move is on.  I always tell clients once drywall starts, look out.  The space that was once either old or non existent begins to take shape.  What happens to us emotionally?  We start to get excited again.  We see progress.  We start to see the pretty things.  We start to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Recent home renovation project.  I always get giddy when cabinets go in!  

Custom cabinetry by Casa Flores

Preparing for a Renovation: Done Yet?

It is at this point where you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You can sense the end getting near.  You feel it in your fingers, your toes, even your hair!  So why the hell is everyone still here!  Why are there still workers in my space?  Why are we not done yet?!  I’ll tell you why.  All the ‘little things’ take time.  Baseboards, casings, finish painting.  If only we could just snap our fingers, wiggle our nose and it would all get done.  You know, kind-of like Bewitched!  It’s just best to mentally prepare yourself for this stage.  Trust me, you’re almost there!

Preparing for a Renovation: It’s Beautiful!

Ahhh…the pièce de ré·sis·tance!  The end is here.  You see your space, how everything has come together and you are thrilled beyond words.  You see the care and attention to detail, you see how all of the selections that were made (hopefully with a designer – wink, wink) work with every aspect of your space.  All of the colour selections work and you absolutely love your new space.

preparing for a renovation

Recent entire home renovation, including the kitchen, for a villa in Cochrane, AB.  Full reno photos to come shortly! 

I’m such a firm believer in planning – both physically and mentally.   As I’ve worked on renovations, I know how the game is going to go.  I know there will be highs and lows.  What has become clear to me however, is that I really need to take the time to explain this rollercoaster of emotions with my clients.  I know it’s helped me in knowing what to look forward to and what to expect.

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