Project Reveal: Primary Bathroom Remodel Spa Retreat

Primary bathroom remodel

Project Reveal: Primary Bathroom Remodel Spa Retreat

Our Primary Bathroom Remodel Spa Retreat recently completed and I’m happy to share the results! Our hope was that we transformed a dated space and created a spa like dream.

As Is

I always like to show you what the ‘before’ or ‘As Is’ plan was prior to us working in the space.

Primary Bath BEFORE

BEFORE: Primary Bath with double vanity and a wall of mirror.

BEFORE: Primary Bath Shower area, lino floor, and textured drywall.

The Plan for the Primary Bathroom Remodel

As my clients and I worked with options, I always like to create two options when possible. For this project, I created a plan where we kept the vanity and shower in the same position and another plan with switching them with each other.

You can read all about the method to my design madness here, but here are the two renderings we were looking at.

If you were able to read the blog where I go into detail, you will remember that my clients had 3 wishes on their list:

  1. A steam shower
  2. Tile floor
  3. One sink

The Pretty

When the functional design was approved, we ensured we were going to make this space a pretty space as well. Since my clients love a natural look, we chose green as our accent. This was the mood board I created.

Sheri Bruneau, Designer | Specifications for the Primary Bathroom Remodel

The Reveal

This was such an amazing transformation and my clients were simply wonderful to work with. While you can check out the entire portfolio here, here are a few of my favourite shots.

primary bathroom remodel
AFTER: Primary Bathroom Remodel | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

primary bathroom remodel
The view from the vanity looking towards the primary bedroom in this AFTER shot.

primary bathroom remodel
AFTER: Primary Bathroom Steam Shower | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

primary bath remodel
AFTER: Primary Bath vanity (single sink) | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

While we have just moved on to phase two, the main bathroom remodel, my clients now have a new space that is not only functional, it is certainly spa like and dreamy!

Create you own Home Spa Bathroom

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