Project Reveal – 2 Bathroom Makeovers for one family

Project Reveal – 2 Bathroom Makeovers for one family

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I am FINALLY sharing this project of 2 bathroom makeovers that was completed early this year! You may be aware that I love giving a name for my projects. This project was jokingly called ‘Game of Thrones’ as this family was going to be getting 2 new thrones (aka – toilets) for their new bathrooms AND they are huge Game of Thrones fans. Knowing there are probably some copyright issues using that name, we privately called it that.

2 Bathroom Makeovers

The Before Situation

For this family of five, this is what the bathroom situation looked like before the work started.

2 Bathroom Makeovers
As Is bathroom plans

Main Bathroom – Before

As you may be able to see in the main bathroom, there was one sink, a toilet, and a bath/shower combination. For this family with two teenage boys and one girl (soon to be a teen), this was not the most functional for them.

For the master bathroom, while there were two sinks, a seperate bath and shower, along with his/her closets, it was not very functional (and I’ll add here that it was also dated).

Here are a few before images.

The Plan

Main Bathroom Makeover

For this family with three children (two boys and one girl), there were 2 key elements that needed to be addressed for the bathroom makeover:

  • function
  • storage

We also discussed having a bath tub in this room vs just a shower. In the end, my clients chose the following layout:

2 Bathroom Makeovers
Double vanity, pocket door to seperate the toilet and bath/shower area.
Bathroom design by Sheri Bruneau

Here is how the main bathroom turned out.

**final photos to be published soon**

Master Bathroom Makeover

The master bathroom went through a major overhaul. Since my clients had a previous renovation where the back of the home was extended, we had plenty of room to utilize to be able to check off the list of wants and wishes. Just as with the main bathroom, there were some similar items on the wish list:

  • better function
  • more storage
  • a dreamy bath
  • replace glass blocks and add in a new window
  • and many more items (too many to list)

After looking at many options to utilize the space, we came up with the following master bath design:

2 Bathroom Makeovers
Master bath interior design plan.
Designed by Sheri Bruneau

As you can see from the above plan, we were going to steal space from the master bedroom to make room for a very large bathtub, a substantial shower, a double vanity, a private water closet, and a walk-in master closet.

Here are some photos to wet your whistle.

**final photos to be published soon**

I look forward to sharing the final photos with you, as well as the video that was created for this project.

You can see another master bathroom project here.

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