Pulling a Design Plan Together

Pulling a Design Plan Together

I’m super excited as I’ve been pulling together a design plan for an upcoming renovation that will be taking place this summer.

Pulling a Design Plan Together: Step 1

Kitchen Design – Function First

The first step that was worked on for these clients was a new kitchen design plan.  Although there is going to be a lot that is getting updated and refreshed, the kitchen is the largest area that will undergo a complete change.  When we were working on the design of the kitchen, we solely looked at the function.  Although the rendering below is in colour with cream colour outer cabinets and a dark island, it was the function that I was concerned about first and foremost.  Here is the rendering of what the space is going to look like:

pulling a design plan together

Pulling a Design Plan Together: Step 2

Cabinet Colour(s)

Once we solidified the kitchen layout, it was clear from my clients that they really were leaning towards cream kitchen cabinets.  They also like the look of a different colour island.  This is where I love to use Pinterest to ensure what my clients are saying with their words is what they mean.  It is very common for clients to struggle explaining what they like with words.  It is a thousand times easier for my clients to show me a picture that they love.  For example, I had pinned a number of cream cabinets, dark islands with various options.  I pinned some pictures of the entire kitchen with one counter and I also pinned images of kitchens with different counters.  This is one example of an image I pinned to our shared board to see what the reaction would be.

pulling a design plan together

Image source

The reaction and comment?  I would like a contrast (dark cabinet and light counter and light cabinets and dark counter).

Since we have already chosen a new stain for the hardwood floors, I went to my cabinet company to pull a stain colour that will work with the new floor.

pulling a design plan together

My preference is the darker choice as it will play really nicely with the new stain for the oak floors.

For the cream colour for the outer cabinets, there really are a lot of choices (some creams will look more yellow so we do have to be careful).  I do have a couple of choices that I am liking more than any others (and that I have picked out), but this one happens to be one of my favourites:

pulling a design plan together

Pulling a Design Plan Together: Step 3

Counters, backsplash and wall colours

Once the cabinet colours have been decided, we then get to move on to counters, backsplash and finally – wall colour.  There are a couple of beautiful quartz counters that I am looking at and there will be a lighter one for the island and a darker one for the outer cabinets.

pulling a design plan together
Creamy Marfil
pulling a design plan together
Lagos Blue

Although these are contenders, they have not been chosen yet.  Once the counters are chosen, then we’ll look at backsplash, wall colours (and we’ll also look at cabinet handles and pulls).

Pulling a Design Plan Together

As you can see, there are many steps to pulling together a design plan.  Every choice that is made is made with intention and to fit with the home’s foundation palette.  I can’t wait to meet with my clients and start finalizing the choices that will turn their home into the home of their dreams!

Thinking of starting a renovation project and don’t know where to start?  

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