Range Hood Options: What are my choices?

range hood options

Range Hood Options: What are my choices?

The last couple of blogs, I’ve been trying to do my best to educate my readers about certain things that revolve around renovations. I’ve talked about the ever-sexy electrical panel and just last week, I talked about CFM and range hood specifications to look for.

This week, let’s stay with our stove/range hood theme and look at the different range hood options.

Under Cabinet Range Hood

This type of range hood is what you would typically see in a ‘builder grade’ home. You could seriously purchase one for under $100. They are pretty popular as an ‘entry level’ choice. That being said, there are some really nice choices that will cost you $600+.

The kitchen below was designed by my friend, Carla Aston. While we may think of ‘builder grade’, this kitchen below is anything but.

Wall-Mounted Chimney

This range hood option is installed against a wall. Most often, they end up looking like a bit of a chimney, thus the name.

range hood option
Sheri Bruneau, Designer | Wall-Mounted Chimney in one of our redesign projects.

While you can get this style of hood fan for around $250 (and please note, the above range hood is not on the cheap end), an average cost for a good range hood fan would be more closer to $600+.

Prices for this type of range hood varies and the age-old saying of,

you pay for what you get

will hold true for any of the options I’m discussing. Remember, there are certain functions that a range hood provides.

Island Range Hood

There are times where a cooktop is installed in an island. If this is the case, there really are two options.

Ceiling Mount Chimney Range Hood

This type of range hood is installed in the ceiling. For this type of range hood, there will need to be extra support in the attic/ceiling to allow for this.

range hood option
Sheri Bruneau, Designer | Island Range Hood

For this type of range hood, you can get a good quality for around $300 however, the higher end brands can cost $1800+.

Down Draft

There are times when an island range hood just won’t work with the design OR the client doesn’t wish for an island range hood to take up the visual space. A down draft is a fan that typically sits behind the cooktop and will pop up when in use by the push of a button.

range hood option
Sheri Bruneau, Designer

For this kitchen above, we have 3 large pendant lights above this big-ass island. We took out a wall on this main floor to create an open concept so adding in an island range hood was out of the question. BTW – due to COVID, I haven’t been able to get in to take final photos. I’m hoping to get final pictures for this one soon!

Downdraft hood vents are not typically the cheapest option. While you can get an ‘ok’ one for around $400, you should be expecting to spend at least $1500 for a good one.

Custom Built

This could be considered the top of the line, but it doesn’t have to be. For instance, take this kitchen we completed just over a year ago.

range hood option
Sheri Bruneau, Designer

For this kitchen, we had a pretty tight budget. That being said, we were still able to do a custom range hood. The range hood fits into the space below the cabinet and is hidden by…..the sky is the limit!

range hood option
Sheri Bruneau, Designer

This one above was designed to hide the fan and still be beautiful!

The costs for the custom range hood fans can vary. There is the cost of the fan itself and then the cost for cabinetry.

Range Hood Fans – Considerations

When it comes to designing a kitchen, it’s important to really consider what your existing venting looks like, how it is plumbed, and what you would like to move forward with.

For a current project, while we were still keeping the range hood in the same location, we needed to adjust the exterior venting, as well as the electrical, for the new wall chimney that will be installed.

Venting and electrical adjustments being made for new wall chimney range hood.

Important to make those changes BEFORE tile – right?

Range Hood

As you may be able to see, there are a lot of range hood options. I always believe it’s best to work with a designer when it comes to having a new kitchen designed for you. We take the time to educate ourselves and work together with our clients to make the best decision for their space.


All this talk of range hood options has me getting hungry and thinking about the cooking space. We have recently completed our outdoor oasis project (waiting for just one more delivery), so a few of these item you’ll be able to use outdoors too AND many are on sale!

The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.


Sheri Bruneau


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