New Project: New Beginnings for a young couple

I have been working with a really nice couple who have just purchased their first new home. To add to all of the excitement, they are expecting their first baby in July. As I always like to name my projects, I’m calling this one ‘New Beginnings’ New Beginnings There are some big changes coming to

3 Reasons I love working with a property investor

As an interior designer, I work with a number of property investor clients. These projects are typically “buy and flip” projects however, I have worked with clients who have purchased property to rent out (known as “buy and hold” properties). I have had people ask me how they can get involved in all of this

Removing a load bearing wall: What our choices were

In a current project, I had some options to remove a load bearing wall. What were my choices and what did I end up doing? My Love At First Sight project has been rolling right along. For this project, I had planned to take out two walls on the main floor to open up the

Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Oh baby it’s come a LONG way!

When you are a property investor, like myself, I often look at products that have longevity. For some investment properties, I am looking for products that can stand the test of time knowing that a variety of renters may live in the property. Flooring can take up the biggest real estate in a renovation and

We’re getting ready to start our next investment property

During the month of November, Robin Spiers with Robin Spiers & Associates, and I were in search for an investment property. I’ve had a few people ask about how this all works so I thought it was perfect timing to let you all in on how it works. Investment Property The Search The entire process

Remodel Like a Professional: FREE Mini Magazine

This past year, November 13 to be exact, I started the conversation with Savour Partnership. As you all know, I blog every week and really enjoy it. I was wishing to put some of the important stuff I have in my head into one place for my readers. What I didn’t have was time or

Decorating vs Designing

The idea for this post, Decorating vs Designing, originally came from a conversation I recently had with clients. I had just officially wrapped up a project with a final photo shoot and was talking with my client at the end of the shoot. Somewhere in the conversation, the topic of renovations came up and I had said that

A House Transformation from Cool to Warm Colours

When I first met my clients back in December of 2016, I was informed that they had recently purchased a home that had just been renovated however it was decorated in a way that was not appealing to them.  Their new home had an open floor plan which was going to be perfect for entertaining

7 Tips to House Viewing Etiquette: Viewing a Home

It’s not often that I have a guest blog on my site as blogging is something I love to do.  This week however, is a guest blog post by my good friend Maria Doll with Leadership Matters.  Maria is an etiquette expert and she’s sharing with us her 7 tips when viewing a home to