Is Your Home Going Through a Mid Life Crisis? Time to fresh your home

Is Your Home Going Through a Mid Life Crisis? Time to fresh your home

There’s a lot of things in this world that we do not have control over. As much as I’d love to control the weather, it just isn’t going to happen.  As I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning, I sure wish I had control of the thunder, lightening and hail (and this all happening at 4:30 am).

Getting older?  Yup!  Another thing we don’t have control over.  And while we as individuals may go through a mid-life crisis, have you ever thought your home might going through a mid life crisis as well?  If you think your home may need a facelift, here are my 4 steps to refresh your home.

refresh your home

Refresh Your Home: Step 1

Document what changes you wish to make to refresh your space(s).

Go through your entire home, room by room, and write down what you like about your space and what you don’t like.

I am currently working with clients right now who are going through this process with me.  We are working on the main floor, open area that includes a living room/family room, dining room and kitchen (open concept).  My clients have a really great vision for their space(s).  They want:

  • A place to be able to kick back and read (there is no TV in this area of the home).
  • A place to entertain family and friends.
  • A place that looks like grown ups live there.  Time to move away from the Ikea furniture to a more sophisticated look.
  • A place where there is less clutter.  Currently, their space is a bit of a dumping ground.

Part of my process when I work with clients is to create a design plan to go with that vision.  Laying out the furniture (to scale) and working through each ‘zone’ with my clients will ensure that they will be getting everything they hope and desire.  The image below shows measurements of furniture so when it comes time to pulling together the new furniture, I have actual dimensions to ensure the furniture is not to big, not too small, but just right! Every new piece that I will be sourcing has measurements on the design plan (that I use as guides) to ensure sizing is perfect.  When one piece has been purchased, I ensure the sizing is changed (if need be) on this plan to reflect ‘real time’.

refresh your home

Refresh Your Home: Step 2

Create a budget to go with each (and ensure your budget is realistic).

This is not always easy to do if you truly have no idea.  I like to use an online FREE program with my clients.  The name of the program is ItSums.  I create an ItSums board for all of my clients so they can see where I am sourcing products from and what the costs are.  What I truly LOVE about the program is that it quickly calculates the cost and keeps a running budget.  If you really have no idea what it will cost to refresh your space, ItSums will keep track for you.


Refresh Your Home: Step 3

Itemize the list based on your priorities and budget.

Once you have a design plan and the costs for the pieces you will need for your space, then you – and only you – will need to decide on what your priorities are.

For my clients, they have a fairly decent budget to pull their entire space together all at one time.  The priority for their space is the sectional and additional seating.  Their main goal for the living space is to be a gathering space not only for their family, but for when they entertain as well.  For my clients, deciding on the sectional is priority number one.  Once the decision is made on which sectional (we’re strictly looking at function and sizing),  then we move to choosing the right fabric (which now takes that functional piece of furniture to make it pretty).

Once the sectional and fabric are chosen, then we can move to the additional seating (choosing functional chairs first and then choosing fabric) and then the rest of the elements in the space (ottoman, side tables, sofa table, lamps and lighting, area rug, drapery, etc.).

refresh your home

Refresh Your Home: Step 4

Diarize when you would like to get it done. 

When you give yourself a deadline, things seem to happen.  Once you have your budget in place, you will know if and when you can get things done.  I have had clients where we have worked together to create the design, I’ve sourced things out and created the budget, and the clients have decided to wait a bit to bring the design to life.  Please know: THIS IS TOTALLY FINE!

I’ve often said that the TV reality shows are my biggest business challenge due to unrealistic budgets (and timelines) that may be portrayed on TV.  I have had clients that have wished to have their entire kitchen renovated for $25K AND have quartz counters, new appliances, solid wood cabinets, etc. That is just not going to happen.

The truth is, when you take the time to plan (have the design in place, specify and pick the right size furniture for your space, create a palette that you will love for many, many years to come), then if it takes 6 months, 1 year, 18 months for that plan to come to life, so what?  At least you have the plan in place to move forward and have a beautifully designed space.

Feeling like your home is going through a mid-life crisis and you don’t know where to start?  Contact me today discuss how we can work together!

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together

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