Renovate With Confidence

Renovate With Confidence

I’m here to help you Get It Together!

Renovate with confidence!  How do you do that?  I take spaces in homes that individuals and families don’t love and transform them into their dreams. I assist my clients with colour selection and interior selections (flooring, cabinetry, counters) to ensure their home has flow throughout. By assisting my clients, I help create a feel and a look they desire. From simple interior and exterior colour choices to full-scale renovations, I can help you Get It Together.


Ensuring your home flows is an integral part in decorating and design.  Often, clients love a lot of different things and have no idea on how to pull everything together.  With so many choices to choose from, many people struggle in finding combinations that will work!

  • Did you know you may have a fixed element that is bossy and will dictate how you move forward?
  • Do you know how to confidently introduce new colours into your home?
  • Did you know there are roughly 140 different ‘whites’ to choose from?

Renovate With Confidence – The Process

Together, during a personal consultation, I will go through your needs and answer any questions you have.  I start with  identifying your home’s foundation palette and identify any bossy elements that you may have and are keeping in your renovation.  From here, I take all the information I have gathered and come up with a proposal for you and your renovation.

Step 1: The Design

An important part of a renovation that many people do not take into consideration is having a design plan.  A design plan takes away all the guess work prior to a hammer ever being swung.  I truly believe it is during this time that function is priority.  Having a design plan allows you to know what sizes you will need (for example, a vanity, a shower, etc.).  A design plan also allows you to fully budget for your renovation as you have the measurements!

 Step 2: Specifying Elements for the Renovation|Budget

After the design is solidified, elements needed for your renovation can now be sourced.  By having the design in place, you can pull together elements to take the functional design to make it pretty.

This step is not done on its own.  It is always being factored while working in step one!  It is however, at this stage where quotes for the labour to get your renovation done can be carried out.  You know exactly what you want the space to look like, you know exactly what you wish to have, now you need to put together the sourcing budget with the labour budget.

  Step 3: Planning

It is important to have a renovation calendar so you know how long your renovation will go on.  It is also important to know who will be accessing your home on certain days.

Step 4: Construction

This is the step where I get excited the most!  This is the stage where the paper design turns into reality.  I will personally manage the entire project for you. I have my own team of trusted trades that understand how I work and understand how the Construction Calendar works.  What does it mean to have me involved in your renovation?  It means I will manage the project from start to completion.  That includes being on-site to ensure timelines are being me, that the budget is intact, and that the project is running as planned.


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