My Renovation Goal For You

My Renovation Goal For You

It’s always a risk to post images on Social Media.  You’ll get some lovers and you’ll get some haters.  Case in point, I love to share my renovation projects with everyone.  It is my hope that people will be inspired to get ideas for their upcoming renovation projects and hopefully hire me to help them make confident decisions.

I recently received an email regarding a post showcasing final pictures of a renovation project that consisted of an entire main floor (new kitchen, main floor refresh with new flooring, baseboards, paint, as well as an entire basement development).  Then the question was asked,

“Don’t you feel that by always designing a white kitchen your portfolio is boring?” 

My Renovation Goal for you

First of all, this kitchen renovation that I posted actually isn’t a white kitchen at all.  All of the outer cabinets are a grey with a blue undertone.

renovation goal Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel

The island is a dark, rich colourrenovation goal Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray.

The designs that I come up with, when working WITH my clients, are meant FOR my clients.  I listen to their wishes, their hopes and dreams for a particular space, what they like and don’t like in their current space, etc.  I then come up with a design based on function first.  I like to provide, if I can, at least two options for my clients.  It is from that draft that tweaks and changes are made (sometimes due to budget and sometimes due priorities).

Here is version 1 DRAFT for a kitchen renovation that I was planning.

renovation goal

Version 1 DRAFT for kitchen renovation

I don’t design and work with clients to pad my portfolio.  Period.  I have seen too many trendy kitchens that will, in my opinion, never stand the test of time through changing trends.  Take this kitchen for example.

renovation goal Image source 

Open shelving can look beautiful.  For the majority of my clients, this design would not work for them. Personally, all of the containers on the counters would drive me insane.   When I work with clients I always talk about functionality first.  Once we figure out how the space needs to function, then I look at how to make it all pretty.  I base those ‘pretty decisions’ on the feedback that I get from my clients.  Period.

My Goal For You and Your Renovation

When we work together, my portfolio is the last thing on my mind.

  • Will I tell you what will go together and what will not?  YES
  • Will I guide you to make the best decision for you?  YES
  • Will I force my design beliefs on you?  NO!  But I will educate you with why I believe something will not work.
  • Will I work with you, listen to you and hear you?  ABSOLUTLEY!

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