Rustic Dreams: Renovation Journey

Rustic Dreams

Rustic Dreams: Renovation Journey

When I first started working with the family that owns this home, it was made clear that through this process, the first step and wish was to get a plan in place first.  They goal was to save money for the renovation and start the renovation when they were financially ready.  When you think of it, it’s pretty smart as we all know that a renovation journey can quickly go sideways if you don’t have a solid plan in place.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Dreams


When I met Mr. and Mrs. Rustic, we met in the home that is situated in the beautiful countryside of the Foothills.  They have gorgeous West views however the home they moved in to, let’s just say, had some ‘funny’ stuff going on.  Without getting into everything, it was pretty evident that the previous owner was a ‘handy man’ (or so they thought they were) and there were many things that were perhaps not up to code.

Basic white cabinets, lino floor.

Small island with no seating, a half wall separating this area (by the table) made for a cramped eating area. 

Fireplace with no mantle, basic builder tile.

When I was hired, we were specifically looking to create a new kitchen design as well as an entire home plan to include:

  • new flooring
  • new baseboards
  • new interior colour(s) for walls
  • new interior colour for trim and interior doors
  • new kitchen (to include cabinets (style and colour), counters, tile, sink, faucet, handles, etc).
  • specify for the bathrooms (new shower for the master, tile for the shower in master and bath in the main bath)
  • and more

Mr. and Mrs. Client wished to transform their home into their own Rustic Dreams.  During this renovation journey, we worked on a new layout for the kitchen to include a half-wall to be deleted to accommodate for a new island.  The kitchen is by far, the biggest transformation in this entire home.

Renovation Journey: Flooring

Since this home is located in the country, it was important to choose a flooring that is durable and will stand the test of time.  In the end, after looking at various sources, we chose this gorgeous, rustic laminate flooring.  No worries here about scratching it (like we would have to if we installed hardwood).

renovation journey

Image source

Renovation Journey: Cabinets and the rest

For this renovation journey, we had a little hiccup with the cabinets that had me changing the floor from our original plan.  Here is what was originally chosen:

renovation journey

You can click on the link above to read all about the little curve-ball that we had to deal with.  With the change of cabinet colour (and changing the floor to the above) we were able to keep the gorgeous quartz counters, backsplash, oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware, sink and faucet.  A huge PHEW!

Renovation Journey: Rustic Dreams


After all the planning and saving, I am so excited to share this Rustic Dreams project.  When I arrived for final photos I was so happy to hear that my clients are super happy with everything and I am guessing that the renovation delay that happened with this project is long forgotten.  Their new kitchen now provides way more storage as well as a sitting area for the family.  With the removal of the half wall, my clients now have the width of their home for the kitchen and dining room.  An extra bonus?  Mr. Rustic surprised Mrs. Rustic with a gorgeous table to go into the dining room!  While there is still some decorating to do, here are the ‘after’ images for this Rustic Dreams project.

renovation journey

Click here to see the entire portfolio of images.

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