Why I Insist You Have a Renovation Plan

Why I Insist You Have a Renovation Plan

This month, I will have seen 5 new clients to assist them with their renovation plan.  In all but one, I was called in after the renovation had already started.  Quite honestly, I don’t really care when I’m called in – as long as it’s not too late and people are not wasting money (I hate wasting money)!  Here are my top 3 reasons why I insist you have a renovation plan.

Reason #1 to have a Renovation Plan

By having a proper renovation plan, the plan itself will guide you with decisions that you need to make.  As with every renovation, there typically is a domino effect.  When you make one change, it most likely will effect many facets of your renovation.   Having a plan to guide you is the ONLY way to go!  Part of your renovation plan should have these questions answered:

  • What is the function of the space?  Will the space be multi-functional?
  • Who is going to use the space?
  • Where do you see this space in 5 years, 10 years, etc.?
  • Who will use this space as your family ages?
  • What is the vision you have for this space?
  • What is the estimated budget for your renovation?
  • What is your home’s foundation palette that you will follow for this renovation?

The idea behind this very important part of a renovation plan is to have an end goal in site!

renovation plan

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Reason #2 to have a Renovation Plan

Do you know how many choices you have for flooring?  For cabinets? For counters?  For wall  or trim colour?  Did you know there are over 140 different shades of white for a potential trim colour?  Get it wrong and the entire space can look off.  Trust me, I’ve seen an entire space be wrong due to the wrong trim colour!  It happens.

Many people get quickly overwhelmed with having too many choices.  They get paralyzed by all of the options and progress stops.   By having a plan you are virtually taking away all of the flooring, cabinet, paint options that won’t fit with your plan. 

renovation plan

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Reason #3 to have a Renovation Plan

I equate having a renovation plan to having a menu plan to grocery shop.  The end result should be the same: to save money!  If you have done #1 and #2, then when it comes time to pick finishes, you will not have to waver with choices.  You have a path to follow.  End of story.

Having a Renovation Plan

I’ve talked about my love hate relationship with Pinterest before.  I love it as I use it with my clients all of the time.  The key to using Pinterest or Houzz is to use it for inspiration only.  Once you have your plan – stay away from adding more inspiration if it’s different than your plan.  For example, I really am drawn to the ‘rustic Christmas’ theme.

renovation planImage source

The traditionalist in me is also drawn to decorating in a more traditional way (with lots of red).

renovation plan

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And while I love both of them, for me to fully ‘pull it off’ and look stunning, I’m going to pick a lane and stick to that lane.  The same holds true for renovations.  Pick one lane and stick with it!

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