Renovation Survival

Renovation Survival

Most people cringe at the word ‘renovating’, but as you may know, I love it!  I love hearing that people are going to renovate.  For me, it signifies change and growth.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a space rejuvenated and life brought back into a space.  In addition, I always love seeing people’s reactions after a renovation and how they once again love their home.  But for those of you who are cringing, there is a way to outwit, outlast and outsmart the renovation survival!

Renovation Survival: Ask for Help

Last week I was involved in an online forum on Houzz, giving out some free advice to a user who posted the following:

Afraid I’m creating a design mess in my kitchen.

Here is the information that was given:

“We love our new Starmark Ivory cabinets with chocolate glaze. We have Lakeshore Southern pecan laminate flooring. We just had snowfall Granite installed today, we had chosen a Cafe Brown silgranite sink, we have a bronze faucet and bronze cabinet hardware which we love and the sink seemed to tie in nicely. I love our choices individually, but I’m afraid by the time I do backsplash and paint colour I will mess things up.”

So this user was looking for advice for backsplash.  The sentence, “I love our choices individually…” hit me hard!  I was thinking, “Oh boy.  If there’s ever a way to make a huge renovation mistake is not to have a plan for the entire space.  While you may love things individually, when they’re put in one room, and they don’t go together, it’s a huge waste of money!  Just so you know, when I saw the first images, I was pleasantly surprised.  Here’s an image so you know what this space was shaping up to look like:

renovation survival

I see this image and I think – wow!  This user has made great choices with her flooring, cabinets and counters.  They all play well together and look great.  In my opinion, there’s only one choice of backsplash to go with the granite.  All together now – what’s my choice?  A solid colour!  You got it!  You can read more about that on this blog.

As I’m scrolling down, and scrolling down, and scrolling down (and I’m not kidding here – there are a zillion comments) the user seems conflicted with all of the advice.  So much so she made this comment:

“….I have enough samples here to cover my backsplash area…”

renovation survival

Renovation Survival: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

It is very common for indecision to set in during a renovation when you don’t have a plan.

When home owners use a site, such as Houzz, to ask their design dilemmas, you have to know you’re going to get Pro advice and non-pro advice.  Based on the comment that this user made regarding having enough samples to complete her kitchen, and seeing that there has been no progress for the past 2 weeks, it’s safe to say that this user is in Renovation Fatigue. Who do you listen to?  Which advice is the right advice?  Everyone will have an opinion if you ask for it!  The question to ask yourself is: Am I asking the RIGHT person for advice?

renovation survival

Renovation Survival: Acknowledge it

A colleague of mine (Jill Sonia Interiors) made the following comment for this user:

“Please, please, please hire an interior design professional. Many designers can help you online for just an hour or two. You must be overwhelmed with all the info from non professionals. You’ve got a great thing going, but it could go sideways so easily!”

You know what, Jill is so right.  Many Interior Design Professionals would gladly help out!  It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a 2-hour consultation!  A Houzz user took offence to Jill’s comment and posted this:

“Didn’t appreciate the pithy comment of “non-professionals”, Jill. There is no reason to be rude. Everyone on here loves design and there are a lot of talented people in the design world without official design credentials.”

I read the response to Jill over many times and decided I couldn’t let that one fly by without making a comment back.   I’m really not one to engage in this kind of ‘battle of words’, but I felt it necessary to back Jill up and her comment.  I totally agree that many people can have design talent with the official design credentials (case in point: Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper).  Right now, there are currently 257 comments for this one Houzz user about what to choose for a backsplash!  One design enthusiast actually suggested her to try a marble tile to tie into her already screaming white appliances.  Oh wow….make it stop.  Nothing worse than mixing cream and white willy-nilly!

Renovation Survival: My Advice

Here was my response:

“I believe where Jill is coming from – is from the heart. It is painful to read all of the suggestions ONLY because there are so many of them. Some of the suggestions are conflicting and thus a homeowner can get overwhelmed easily. Houzz is a great forum to ask questions, get advice, etc. I just feel that if someone is having a really tough time choosing and it’s delaying a project or causing them to loose sleep, then it’s time to bring in the professional. The same holds true for a lot of things in life. If we’re sick and we’ve tried everything to get better and we don’t get better – it’s time to seek out professional advice. My guess is nebbobear is at the point where they just might sleep more soundly if someone (just one person) guided them in the decision.”

I know I’m an organized person and thrive on structure and not everyone is, BUT it actually amazes me when thousands of dollars are spent on a renovation with no plan in place.  Can you imagine if a home builder started to build your home with no plan in place?  Can you imagine if your surgeon began your surgery with no plan in place?  Honestly – it’s unthinkable.  So why are renovations any different?

If you are looking after your own renovation and are facing fatigue, get an interior design professional to help you.  Please!  There is no sin in asking for help.  There are so many ways to make costly mistakes.  Why would you chance it?

Are you thinking of Renovating and need a plan?  Download my FREE 7 Steps to Renovate With Confidence HERE.

7 Steps to Renovate with Confidence (1)

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