New Project: New Beginnings for a young couple

I have been working with a really nice couple who have just purchased their first new home. To add to all of the excitement, they are expecting their first baby in July. As I always like to name my projects, I’m calling this one ‘New Beginnings’ New Beginnings There are some big changes coming to

Smart Home Appliances: They’re not only smart but sexy too!

I first started to write about smart homes after attending KBIS 2019 in February At that time, I had no idea that I would write about smart homes three more times! I’ve written about good, better, and best options for a smart home as well as smart home switches.  This week, I thought I would round out

Smart Home Switches: It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Last week, I wrote a blog titled, ‘Creating a Smart Home‘. In that blog, I went into some good, better, and best options. This week, I’m going to specifically talk about Smart Home Switches. Why? Well – I’m using them in our investment property Love At First Sight. This project is all ready to turn

Creating a renovation budget: 3 Steps to ensure success

While creating a renovation budget is not rocket science, it does require skill, knowledge, and manipulation. Ensuring the task list is checked off (known as labour) as well as making sure the functional design is pretty (known as the sourcing), these two key elements are essential to a successful, on-budget renovation. While it is very

Planning a New Linear Fireplace – All the measurements you need

I am currently working in a home where every room will be getting some kind of facelift. Thus, I’ve called this project our ‘Full Facelift Project’. While some spaces are receiving some minor work, there are two areas that are receiving substantial work: the kitchen and the adjoining family room. You can read about what

Master Bathroom Vanity Design: How we came to the final design

When it comes to working with clients on their master bathroom vanity design, there are many things we discuss and investigate: The first item we talk about is the ‘pain point’ of their existing space. What do my clients like and dislike with their current situation? What is the hope/dream for the new master bathroom

We’re getting ready to start our next investment property

During the month of November, Robin Spiers with Robin Spiers & Associates, and I were in search for an investment property. I’ve had a few people ask about how this all works so I thought it was perfect timing to let you all in on how it works. Investment Property The Search The entire process

Renovation Packages: What exactly are you getting?

I am a member of a couple of Interior Design forums and groups. In these groups, we provide each other support, mentorship, and learning opportunities. In one of my groups, a member shared a new renovation company that has recently started up in New York. This company provides bathroom renovation packages. Since I design and

Remodel Like a Professional: FREE Mini Magazine

This past year, November 13 to be exact, I started the conversation with Savour Partnership. As you all know, I blog every week and really enjoy it. I was wishing to put some of the important stuff I have in my head into one place for my readers. What I didn’t have was time or

Five Things To Know About Renovations Budget

I’m making a list and checking it twice!  I feel a little bit like Santa as I am currently working on lists – the budget lists to be exact – for six upcoming renovations happening early in 2019. When it comes to navigating the budget, there are many ways to manipulate the numbers.  So how do