Masculine Bathroom Design: Final Reveal for the One Room Challenge

It is official.  The six-week One Room Challenge ™ is over!  My Masculine Bathroom Design is officially done! A very special shout-out to both the One Room Challenge ™ for hosting such an inspiring event, and Better Homes and Gardens who is the Official Media Sponsor.  This season, they will be selecting two guest participants to be part of the ‘Featured

One Room Challenge Week 4: Baseboards in a bathroom

I have just completed week 4 of the One Room Challenge™.  If you’re stopping by for the first time and are not sure what the ORC is, you can read all about it here.  A big shout-out to Better Homes and Gardens who is the official sponsor this year as well!  This week, I’m bringing

One Room Challenge Week Three: Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

It’s week three and we are half-way through the One Room Challenge™.  Things are progressing very nicely in our main bath renovation/refresh project.  Although we hit a tiny snag with the minor bathtub damage, that was quickly fixed and we continue to move ahead – just as I have planned out in my Renovation Calendar.  This

Mixing fixture brands in a bathroom: Should I do it?

When the functional design is all solidified and the time comes to start choosing the pretty, mixing fixture brands is a common question that is asked by clients. Is it ok to mix brands in one space? Starting Oct. 1, I will be starting two bathroom remodels and this was the exact question that my

3 Steps to choosing kitchen cabinet hardware

This past week, there was great progress in our Coastal Vibe project.  The kitchen cabinets were installed as well as all of the hardware for the cabinets.  As you may know, for this project we are using IKEA cabinets and making some customizations to not make it look like an IKEA kitchen.  Part of the

Managing client expectations: My top 3 tips

I belong to a few interior design communities.  In these communities, we will often share our wins, discuss design dilemmas, discuss how we all run our own business, and of course, have many, many giggles and laughs!  Managing client expectations is a topic that comes up a lot. As I was looking at what other

Making changes for a renovation once the work has begun

Making changes for a renovation once the work has begun does not happen often with my clients.  We typically take a lot of time in the design phase to ensure we have thought out everything so that when the work begins, it is full steam ahead. This past week, I was faced with the need to

First Time Renovators Costly Mistakes: Avoid these 3

When you embark on your very first renovation, it can be exciting.  You’ve most likely have spent time creating your Pinterest boards and you have a really good idea of what you want to do. You have watched the TV shows that make it look oh so easy. As exciting as it is to start a