One of my favourite interior wall colours: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

revere pewter

One of my favourite interior wall colours: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

I have a wall colour that is absolutley my favourite. I’m not going to say it’s my ‘go-to’ as I do not have a ‘go-to’ colour. With every home being so unique with its finishes and fixed elements, it is impossible to have a ‘go-to’ colour. So why is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter my favourite?

 Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Although this is considered a gray, this particular colour has a very soft warm undertone.   With the soft green undertone,  it appears warmer than most grays that have a stronger blue or violet undertone.

By using this mostly neutral colour, there are many ways to decorate around this colour. This is the biggest reason why I love this colour.

We have Revere Pewter painted on the majority of our main floor, so I am speaking from my experience. Just so you know, we have medium brown hardwood floors, an off-white kitchen, and matching off-white trim colour.

Sheri Bruneau, Designer | Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

While Revere Pewter has a green undertone, I never see green walls in our home. We renovated our home five years ago and I still love it this day. Here is how I decorate around the seasons:

  • Spring/Summer: Pink and violet colours really pop against Revere Pewter. I brought out my little pineapple pillow (since we missed our trip back to the island this year). It’s a bit sad looking and in dire need of a new insert.
  • Fall: I bring out orange and yellow. Yellow is my favourite colour so I love decorating with that colour. While I don’t like knowing winter is just around the corner, this is my favourite time to decorate.
  • Winter: White and a deeper blue are my go-to colours to decorate with.

Heres a few little shots that I’ve pulled together with some fabric samples I have in my office.

revere pewter

Revere Pewter with blue accents

revere pewter

Revere Pewter with yellow accents

Shop the Look

I’ve put together some rooms, using Revere Pewter, to give you an idea what a versatile colour this is.

One word of advice: I always specify paint colour last! Once you have solidified flooring (or know that it will not change), you have your trim colour, and all of the other ‘fixed elements‘ are chosen, then you can select wall colour.

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Since many of us are finding ourselves in our homes, you may be considering a new wall colour. If you would like some help with that through an e- consultation, I’d love to help you out!


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