Rustic acreage design plan

Rustic acreage design plan

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working with a wonderful family that is getting their entire design plan in place before their renovation begins.  This family is going to be taking on the renovation project themselves (so a DIY for most things) so it’s super important that everything is thought of so there are no decisions to be made when the hammer starts to swing.

Rustic Acreage Design Plan


When I first met Mr. and Mrs. Client, I met them at their acreage home that they moved to from the city.  As I was toured around the home it was becoming more and more evident that the previous owner (or owners) were DIY renovators as there are multiple things in the home that have had me shaking my head.

Although I knew that all of the flooring was going to be replaced, we started with the kitchen design as it is the heart of the home.  As with any renovation project, budget is a factor as there are many things that are on the wish list to get done for the entire home.  That being said, we talked about a half wall coming down to open up the space a bit more.  Other than that, there were are going to be no other walls being moved and the rest of the kitchen is going to remain the same rendering glass house

The major change for this family will be the newly designed island that will allow for seating for the family of four.  All of the outer cabinets (layout) will not change which will clearly help with the budget.  The upper cabinets will be 40” tall and will be going to the ceiling with a nice crown molding on the top.

Once the layout was confirmed and cabinet configuration was finalized, we were able to start looking at taking that functional kitchen and turning it pretty!

rustic acreage design plan

Rustic Acreage Design Plan

Flooring and Cabinets

With this home being on an acreage, and Mr. and Mrs. Client loving the rustic look, we first chose the cabinet colour.  Once the cabinets were solidified, we looked at flooring options.

rustic acreage design plan

Hardwood was not going to be an option due to the lifestyle of the family.  They just didn’t want to have to worry about scratching and scraping of hardwood.  In conjunction with the cabinets, I chose the following luxury laminate floor to go with the ‘rustic’ theme.  This flooring is going to go up the stairs and into the hallways on the second floor as well.

rustic acreage design plan

For the washrooms upstairs, a rustic slate looking floor was chosen to work well with the transition from wood floors to the bathrooms.

Rustic Acreage Design Plan

Counters, Backsplash and Wall Colour

Once the cabinets and flooring were finalized, we then took our focus to the counters, backsplash and finally, the wall colour (notice how the wall colour is the last thing chosen)

When we met to go over counter choices we talked about granite vs quartz and the pros and cons for each.  After looking at a number of granite and quartz samples (Mr. Client wanted no ‘bling’ in the counter which meant nothing shiny), I chose what I think is the most beautiful counter: Vanilla Noir by Caesarstone.

rustic acreage design plan

We ‘bagged it’ with the quartz (a saying I use when we are good to solidify a choice) and then I moved on to the backsplash.  In the kitchen, there isn’t a ton of backsplash however, it is important to make the right decision with such a small space. It is my belief that there should only be one strong pattern per space.  As a result, I suggested a solid backsplash (you can read more about my thoughts on this here – Academy Awards here).

rustic acreage design plan
3 different ‘white’ backsplash options: Warm White (on the left), Biscuit (in the middle) and Bone White (on the right).

Rustic Acreage Design Plan

Pulling It All Together

The last step is to choose a wall colour.  I leave the wall colour until the end as there are a ton of options and choices.

With the entire house getting a major overhaul, I have also suggested that their new baseboards, casings and interior doors be painted.  Due to the kitchen and flooring, their home is now officially in the ‘cream foundation’ palette and screaming white baseboards and casings will not look good.  A warmer, cream colour will make the floors and cabinetry pop! Here is what all of the fixed elements look like pulled together.

rustic acreage design plan

Mr. Client asked me the last time we met, “Is this the longest project you have worked on?”  My answer was, “Yes,” – as I was not going to lie.  But this is why I don’t care how long it takes.  Mr. and Mrs. Client are going to be spending a fair number of dollars on their home.  They know it is important to get things right.  They know that one mistake could make their home look ‘off’.  They know the importance of being able to pull every element together so their home looks perfect.  They value my expertise and opinions.  Do I mind that it’s taken 10 months to get here?  No.  Not one bit!
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