Setting up a new home – The perspective of old vs. new

Setting up a new home – The perspective of old vs. new

When we assist clients in setting up a new home, we typically run into a situation where the ‘old’ clashes with ‘the new’. Most often, it is the furniture that does not work in the new space or the colours are not right. There are a few things you can do to be proactive with this type of scenario.

Measure Your Space

Although there are situations and circumstances that may arise where you don’t know where you will be, most people that are moving know where they where they will be going. The best way to know if your space is going to work with your existing furniture is to measure. Take time to measure the rooms (or if you are lucky enough to get a floor plan or blueprint) . Measure your furniture and then see if it will fit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen furniture moved to find out that it really doesn’t fit or work in any room.   In my own personal opinion, this is such a waste of money if you are paying for your things to be moved. Save the extra money by not moving furniture that will not fit.

Crowded Room

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Decision Time

When setting up a new home, our goal is for our clients to fall in love with their home. When clients consult with us regarding their home, of course we talk about colour. We do look at colour on the walls as well as the flow of the home (and if there even is a flow). What worked well in the old home may not necessarily work will in the new home. The sometimes-challenging conversation comes when we have to talk about what is not working. Perhaps the home has been repainted with your favorite colour however that colour does not work with the flooring and cabinetry in the new home? Perhaps the existing wall colour does not work with the colour of your furniture? Moving is a huge expense and not everyone has a cash flow to buy all new furniture. As you may know, paint can change a room drastically however an old pink-beige sofa will always be an old pink-beige sofa – no matter what ‘fresh’ colour you want on your walls.

Maria Killam Pink Beige

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Choosing colours that work with ‘older’ furniture can sometimes be a challenge – but also know that it is very do-able.While taking my True Colour Expert™  training in Vancouver, Maria used the image above as an example of making it work. You can read her entire blog post here.   New wall colours may not necessarily make the big impact ‘fresh change’ you are hoping for but it may be what you can afford at the time.  It really does depend on what kind of change you are looking for and your own personal situation.  I know with our upcoming renovation, I have been waiting for a couple of years to get it done.  I’ve been patient as I know that I want everything done all at once and not done piecemeal.  By knowing that, I have had to wait until we have saved up enough money to get it all done at once.  It really just depends on everyone’s situation.

When moving to a new home, it is inevitable that you think of your house you moved out of as the ‘old’ house and the house you are moving into the ‘new’ house.  I always get excited for our clients and their new home as I look at it as a fresh beginning.  No matter where your clothes hang or where your furniture sits, a home is where your heart is.  I found this cute little quote below and thought it pretty much sums things up:

Home is where you are

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Here’s to making your house a home.

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