Simple Changes that Won’t Break The Bank – Furniture Placement

Simple Changes that Won’t Break The Bank – Furniture Placement

Over the years, I have had many consultations with individuals and families who are getting ready to sell their homes.  It’s one part of my job that I absolutely love to do as I typically get to see the transformations.  For some clients, there are minor changes that I suggest to enhance their home to sell.  For others, it can be complete transformation that have my clients saying, “I can’t believe the difference.”

One of the simplest changes that I often need to suggest to my clients is around furniture and furniture placement.  There are typically two areas that I discuss:

Too Much Furniture

As many of you know, I believe in the principal of ‘less is more’.  I often see rooms that are jam-packed with furniture (and that includes items on the walls).  When people are looking for a home, they want to be able to see the home – not your furniture and stuff.  You want to give a potential buyer the opportunity to envision their furniture in the space – not yours.

too much furniture

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Too much furniture

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Having too much furniture in a room can make the room feel so much smaller than it is.  It also can stop the flow of traffic, which makes a potential homebuyer stop right in their tracks – not something you want to do!  The goal for each room is to create a sense that everything feels ‘just right’.  That doesn’t mean that you have to go out and purchase new furniture; it means you may need to get rid of some of what you have.

When clients have too much furniture the first question they ask is, “What am I supposed to do with this furniture?”  Every situation requires a different answer, as every home is unique.  For some, the extra furniture may be able to be moved to another room (s), the basement or the garage.  For some, they may have to move it to storage or a storage container for the time they are trying to sell their home.  Others may try to sell some of the furniture if they know they don’t want to bring it to their new home.  It just all depends on the situation.

 Furniture Placement

Just as important as having the right amount of furniture in a room, furniture placement can make or break a room.  When looking at furniture placement there are four areas I take into consideration.

Function of a room

  • What is the main purpose of the room?  Is it to watch T.V.?  Is it to sleep?  Is it to work?

Distance considerations

  •  Is the furniture spaced to have a comfortable conversation?
  • Is there room to walk in and out of the room?
  • Is there room for people to sit comfortably?
  • Is there room for drawers to be pulled out?

Architectural Considerations

There are certain things in your home that are fixed structures that you need to work around:

  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Fireplaces


“Furniture can either ‘invite’ you into a room or it can push you away.  For example, it’s hard to feel welcome if the first thing you see in an entranceway is the back of a sofa” ~ QC Career School Professional Staging

The key to furniture placement is to create balance in every room.  For some rooms, it is easy to create Formal Balance (creating a mirror image on both sides).

Formal Balance

Balanced Living Room Image credit

Balanced living room

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Other spaces may require Informal Balance (balancing a room using dissimilar items on either side)

Informal Balance

Informal balance

 Image credit

Informal balance

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 Furniture placement is an integral part of getting a home ready to sell.  While we would all love to have brand new furniture, it isn’t always necessary to use rented furniture or new furniture to sell your home.  By looking at the amount of furniture you have in each room, as well as the placement, you may be able to make a huge change without even spending a dime!

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