Simple Changes that Won’t Break The Bank – Paint Colour

Simple Changes that Won’t Break The Bank – Paint Colour

When you walk into a bright room like this, how does it make you feel?

 Yellow homeImage credit

 What about this room?

spa bathroom Image credit

 And this room?

black room Image credit

What about this one?

purple kitchen Image credit


According to Kendra Cherry, a psychologist, our feelings about color are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experience or culture.  And although you may love purple, it definitely is not to everyone’s taste.

When we look at possibly making some changes in our homes, paint colour is actually one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to make a small (or large) impact.

Larger Areas

Of course, changing the paint colour on larger areas, like walls and doors, can make a dramatic change (or a subtle change). It may be as simple as adding a new splash of colour to make a difference!

 Wall paint before and after

Image credit

 bathroom before and after

Image credit

door change

 kitchen before and after

 exterior before and after


Image credits

before and after exterior

 Image credit

If you are looking to sell your home, the best bet is to go with more neutral colors and add the splash of color with your accessories.  According to Benjamin Moore, “The colors potential buyers see when they enter your home should be neutral so that the buyers will not be distracted by someone else’s style. They should see the walls of your home as a blank canvas on which to project their own preferences and style.  But “neutral” doesn’t necessarily mean white. Using subtle colour can actually enhance the buyer’s experience, so repaint walls that have strong colours with rich neutral hues.”

Benjamin Moore

Image and quote credit

Smaller Areas

Although most people automatically think of changing wall colours, furniture colour change can make just as big as an impact in a room.

before and after dresserImage credit


Images credit


Images credit

Whether you are looking to refresh your home or get it ready to sell, changing paint colour is always a good solution that doesn’t have to break the bank!

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