Solve the too much stuff problem

Solve the too much stuff problem

Summer is a great time to look at the beauty that surrounds us. While looking outside, the grass is green, the flowers in bloom and the warm sun is ahhh…so nice.  This month however, we are taking a look on the inside. And by inside – I don’t mean the inside of your home. I mean looking deep inside YOU.

I’m a HUGE fan of Joshua Becker’s Becoming Minimalist.   Joshua and his family decided in 2008 to begin a journey of minimalism.  As Joshua states on his website,

“It has been a journey of discovering the abundant life is actually found in owning less. And it still ranks as one the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

 When I saw the following image from Joshua

if you want your children

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I though, “WOAH – that’s a great one.”   In our age of consumerism, people buy, buy, and buy.  While it’s great for the economy, I often wonder why people buy what they buy.  Take a family leaving the local Wal-Mart for example.  Why do they need to leave the store with each child holding a new toy(s)?

  • Is it because the parents don’t want a scene in the store?
  • Is it because the children really have no toys to play with?
  • Is it because the parents really wanted it for their kids?
  • Is it because the parent has some kind of guilt?
  • Is it because they have the money to buy it and just simply felt like they wanted to treat their kids?

It really doesn’t matter what the reason is and quite honestly, I don’t judge other people so really – who cares?  But you know what?

I care

When I get called for consultations I hear and see a common thread:  too much stuff.  Plain and simple.  So whether you have children, you are living with your significant other or are on your own, I have a little something for you.

Your Challenge

  1. When you are at the store the next time, ask yourself WHY you are buying what you are buying.  I have had a couple of clients say that they envision me on their shoulder when they’re in a store saying to them, “Now why are you buying that?  Do you really need that?”   Hey – whatever works!
  2. Ask yourself if what you are buying fits with the vision for your home.  If you don’t have a vision, read this to see how and why you should.
  3. When you bring something new into your home, see if you can choose something to leave your home.  You might be saying, “WHAT!  IS SHE SERIOUS?”  While this does not hold true to absolutely everything you buy, it certainly can apply to items like clothes, shoes, purses (sorry ladies…), children’s toys, etc.

 Shop With Intention

Listen, I am no different than any of you reading this article.  I enjoy shopping.   When we need to get something new, it’s exciting.  It’s rewarding to know your hard work is going towards something you earned.  HOWEVER, I shop with intention.  What do I mean?

  • I don’t get sucked in to the ‘SALE’.  WHY?  There is always a sale and it’s not a deal if I don’t need it.
  • I make a list of what we need.  I know – shocker!  If it’s not on the list, then we really don’t need it.
  • I plan before I shop.  If we need to buy clothes, I go through closets before we head out so I know what we need.  If it’s groceries, I go through the kitchen to see what we need.

In the end, you need to ask yourself what makes you happy.  Is it all the stuff that is making you happy or is it your life that you have built that is making you happy?  Your relationships, your family, your friends, your memories, your experiences?

Calm Life

Sheri Bruneau  Get It Together

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